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Saving Luke

The story is a thrill ride, the Pretends incredible, the revelations about the characters – especially Miss Parker – are fantastic. – Linda

Rebirth 2nd edition

From the very first page, I was sucked in and could not put this book down until I was done. – Savannah Mae, in Blogcritics

The Pretender Novels

Discover the two new Pretender novels, their characters and stories.

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Major Overhaul

We have just completed some major maintenance work on the Centre's mainframe. If anybody has any trouble, primarily with logging in, we apologise for any inconvenience and you are more than welcome to take this up with Mr Raines. Otherwise, try a password reset, and...

Renaissance, the first Pretender book in French is here!

Le Caméléon: Renaissance is finally available! Renaissance, the first Pretender adventure, is finally available for kindles and in paperback at in French.

We are revisiting our secret vault and sharing it all with you.

Starting this week, we will be sharing with all new and old fans of the Pretender, our fondest memories of each TV episode (for those who are just arriving, the Pretender ran on NBC and later on TNT, from 1996 to 2001 and we had the time of our lives) and we will...

Media Wars – Play and Win!

Get in the game. Pick your side, play the game and you could win a Pretender t-shirt.

The Ice Cube

Take out your parka and gloves, and visit the Ice Cube today!

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Muddy Buddy RecipeWe all know SL-8 has the best snacks, so when inquiring minds sought to find out the source of these delectable delights, we looked no further than Felicity’s workspace to get the low down on a holiday treat.Ingredients:1 box Chex (or similar rice...


Denn man dies beste Geschäft für dich wählt

Befinden sich den Wille, ein Betrieb zu fluchten, aber… kein Startkapital? Ebendiese Situation ist auch vielen Jungunternehmern bekannt. Darüber hinaus jeder kommt auf die Art heraus. Ist dieses realistisch, jenes Geschäft abzüglich Geld zu starten? Die Praxis zeigt,...



The Novels

The Pretender Lives Channel


The Pretender Lives is not just a website.

It is not just the celebration of a TV series. Because the Pretender was never just a show. It was a shared experience where millions of people around the world, faithfully drawn together in front of television sets, felt unique characters like Jarod and Miss Parker touch their hearts. This website is intended as a Rebirth of that experience but one that makes the connection communal. Not only is it intended to be a global gathering place for all things Pretender, past, present, and especially in the future, but also as the home base for the Rebirth of the Pretender and all things that will extend from that Rebirth in many, many forms. It is a space for old fans and new. The thinkers, creators, innovators and the curious who love to unravel a tale and enjoy the odd and unexpected, those who know life is a gift and want to share that in community with one another. If you are intrigued by this you are one of them, one of us, and we are excited to be a part of this global experience with you. Welcome to The Pretender Lives.

Welcome to G.I.F.T.

Global Interactive Fandom Think Tank




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