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The Pretender Lives is not just a website. It is not just the celebration of a TV series.

Because the Pretender was never just a show. It was a shared experience where millions of people around the world, faithfully drawn together in front of television sets, felt unique characters like Jarod and Miss Parker touch their hearts. This website is intended as a Rebirth of that experience but one that makes the connection communal. Not only is it intended to be a global gathering place for all things Pretender, past, present, and especially in the future, but also as the home base for the Rebirth of the Pretender and all things that will extend from that Rebirth in many, many forms. It is a space for old fans and new.

The thinkers, creators, innovators and the curious who love to unravel a tale and enjoy the odd and unexpected, those who know life is a gift and want to share that in community with one another.

If you are intrigued by this you are one of them, one of us, and we are excited to be a part of this global experience with you.

Welcome to The Pretender Lives.


The Pretender Virtual Book Tour VBT#6 The Russian Annex (4/20/2014) -   Our stop today is at the Russian Annex, with an exclusive interview for the Russian-speaking fans. You can read it here: Russian Annex    
Cutting-Room-Floor VBT#5 The Cutting Room Floor (4/17/2014) -     Our amazing stop today is the Cutting Room Floor. And we are so excited to share this interview with you all. To read it, click here.
plus ou moins geek VBT#4: Plus ou moins geek (4/16/2014) - Today’s stop: Plus ou Moins Geek Watch the interview here or, as the French say, regardez ici:

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listen Listen! (10/21/2013) - I’m not sure what it was, but something really weird happened to me last summer.     It started like this:     I’m taking a sip of coffee when the woman smiles at me, slightly tilts her head and answers my question by saying, “When I tell people what I do for a living they think I’m crazy […]
guide Our Pretender Mission Statement (7/29/2013) - In the tale of the Pretender, Young Jarod was taken against his will and held away from the world by forces larger than he was. Yet during his captivity, he never gave up hope that his fate would be freedom one day – to return to the world to continue the amazing journey we call […]

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