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The Global Interactive Fandom Think Tank is open…

And it’s all because of you.

Welcome to our newest Pretender Universe initiative, the GIFT!  We have been constantly blown away by the myriad talents and achievements of the fandom, so it only seemed natural to create a collaborative environment that both fosters a sense of community, and serves as a platform to contribute ideas that will strengthen the talents and relationships already in our very special “fanmily.” As Jarod reminded us, “life is a gift” and this is a celebration of the individual gifts of each and every one of you.

To begin, please register using the link on the menu on the top of this page and join the Projects Forum to share your ideas and thoughts for new endeavours, collaborate with other members, or make some new friends!  While you’re here, drop by the Red File project and check out the videos where we thank the first fans for the amazing gift they gave us last September. New videos will be coming out each week.  This week, we feature the contributions from two special fans, Emily and Christian.

Sharpen those pencils and get those creative juices flowing- we are always looking for ideas to include in the ever-expanding Pretender Universe. We look forward to many great Pretender adventures in the future!

Many thanks,

Steve and Craig





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