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Written by the creators of the hit TV show the Pretender, Rebirth is a slick mystery thriller about a brilliant human chameleon named Jarod, who after escaping from the notorious Centre, plunges headlong into his newfound freedom. While also discovering the joys and intricacies of everyday life with the pure wonderment of the man he is, Jarod uses his unequaled abilities to literally become anyone he wants to be.  Coupled with his dazzling mind over muscle vigilante skills, Jarod brings down the powerful and corrupt and protect those who can’t defend themselves, all the while staying ahead of his relentless pursuers from the Centre.

Hot on his trail is the sexiest woman on the planet, the complex and cunning Miss Parker, who wants him recaptured at any cost. Miss Parker and Jarod has known since childhood, creating a truly multifaceted cat and mouse relationship driven by the emotional secrets at their very core.  Then there is Sydney, Jarod’s surrogate father figure, a research psychiatrist who raised and nurtured his genius for the Centre’s disreputable purposes. To Jarod, Sydney is both friend and foe, confidante and captor, counselor and betrayer.  Sydney holds the emotional keys to his identity and the truth about his past.

Rebirth is at once an enthralling tale of one man’s exploration of life around him, an intricate suspenseful mystery, and an intense edge-of-your-seat thrill ride that captures and reignites the hit TV series for both loyal fans of the show and new readers alike.

There are Pretenders among us…

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