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Find all about Rebirth, Saving Luke and the future.


2nd special edition recommended by Michael T. Weiss

There are Pretenders among us, geniuses with the ability to become anyone they want to be. In 1983 a corporation known as The Centre isolated a young Pretender named Jarod and exploited his genius for their ‘research. Then, one day, their Pretender ran away… 

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In sum, “The Pretender – Rebirth” sets the bar high for what is coming next. It is a good novel, with plenty of action, well-plotted and nicely written. Whether you’re an old fan (I’m not really old, just 33) of the show or you know nothing about it, you’ll have a good time reading it.

Joel G.

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Special Promotion

Special Promotion

In anticipation of the release of The Pretender: Saving Luke, book one, Rebirth- Kindle Edition, is only $2.99 for limited time. Buy it now on! #thepretenderlives

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Blog Critics Review Rebirth

Blog Critics Review Rebirth

The Pretender may be best known (or remembered) for its four-season run on NBC from 1996-2000. The directors, Steven Long Mitchell and Craig W. Van Sickle, have updated the story of our pretender Jarod, played by Michael T. Weiss, and have released the first novel...

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The Pretender Rebirth

The Pretender Rebirth

Written by the creators of the hit TV show the Pretender, Rebirth is a slick mystery thriller about a brilliant human chameleon named Jarod, who after escaping from the notorious Centre, plunges headlong into his newfound freedom. While also discovering the joys and...

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OSCAR IS COMING Meet him on October 7th when Rebirth will finally be released to the world.   Warning: Hide your cheese and your Nilla Wafers – he’s from Harlem and this rat’s always hungry. Thanks for the sketch Jacs.

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