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Three Centre Employees Meet in New York City

Mallory and Vania had been chatting for months online, thanks to the Red File Project, but we only met live in October, during Vania’s honeymoon with Pedro (yes, Pedro, the Sweeper), who had just gotten married in the 19th. Finally meeting each other face to face was...

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Once Upon A Time…

A few months ago, Steve & Craig decided to come back with Rebirth, making thousands of the Pretender fans happy. One part of their comeback was to go ‘all social media’. That’s how thanks to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and some weird coincidences, Erica, Margaux...

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Welcome to the G.I.F.T.

The Global Interactive Fandom Think Tank is open... And it's all because of you. Welcome to our newest Pretender Universe initiative, the GIFT!  We have been constantly blown away by the myriad talents and achievements of the fandom, so it only seemed natural to...

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These are the current on going projects on G.I.F.T. Join one to make it happen and collaborate with other fans.

  1. A Thousand Friendships
  2. Drawing Competition
  3. Finding Jarod’s Missing ‘Fan’milies
  4. Project Artemis
  5. Voting Booth: Suggest polls


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Sub Level-15

Located in the coastal town of Blue Cove, Delaware, the mysterious organisation known as the Centre outwardly portrays itself as a bastion of cutting-edge science. Much of the Centre’s research occur below ground, fifteen storeys beneath layers of secrets and lies, in a very special creative hub where amputee dwarves can be found mingling with telekinetic twins.

Welcome to Sub Level-15, the home of the Global Interactive Fandom Thinktank (GIFT), a space where Centre Insiders can come to collaborate, coordinate, and create various projects related to the Pretender. The Forums will house requests for the omnipresent talent in the fanmily and will range in scope from creating graphics to participating in large-scale operations. Completed projects will highlighted in the Site News section. This site is consistently evolving, so if there is something that is not listed, feel free to add it in the suggestion forum. The PTBs have quite a few surprises in store, so check back frequently for updates.


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I still cannot believe I am part of this adventure. It’s amazing.



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Viewing 15 topics - 16 through 30 (of 45 total)

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G.I.F.T. Code of Conduct – We are a productive, fun community that welcomes new ideas, works hard to add to the tP experience, builds upon the talents and skills of the members, and fosters collaboration on projects with a variety of needs, interests and abilities.

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