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Meet the talented guest authors of the Pretender

Mark Dodson

Somewhat a “Pretender” himself, Mark is a licensed physical therapist, an attorney, and has been a writer and producer for three network television shows, most prominently the NBC hit show “The Pretender”.  At this time, he is working with Steve Mitchell and Craig Van Sickle writing a novel for “The Pretender Universe” project that will be released later this year and entitled, “Patterns of Behavior“.

Mark is married with two adult daughters and lives in Lexington, Kentucky. He had the singular experience of spending much of his teenage years with Steve Mitchell, the majority of that time helping the underprivileged and neglected senior citizens throughout the Lexington community, or maybe it was partying and chasing girls…

Katie Mitchell
Katie Mitchell

Katie Mitchell is an actress and writer. She has been acting in film, television and on stage for 30 years. Most recently she’s been in such shows as CSI, Southland, Criminal Minds and Bones. She began her career with a role in the cult classic BACHELOR PARTY with Tom Hanks.
 Katie also started writing in recent years. She has had several essays and short stories published and recently completed work on her a novel titled BIG DADDY’S KNEE. She is currently thrilled to be working on a series of novels about the young Miss Parker character from THE PRETENDER television series.

Katie was raised in New Orleans, Louisiana along with a certain brother named Steven Long Mitchell. She currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband, actor Michael B. Silver and their son.

Meet the Pretender creators
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