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Jul 11: Patterns First Draft

PatternsFirst draft of Patterns due

Jul 7: Final Draft ‘Mary’

Complete final draft “Mary”



People often ask how it is that we can come up with some many twist and turns, ups and downs, ins and outs when writing the Pretender.  Well, this is a subject that we have been reluctant to discuss for fear of our methods would be copied and duplicated by others.  However, since the demand to know is so high, we have decided to level with everyone. So this is confession time.   We have consultants.   Yes, it’s not us. We employ a team of two of our best most loyal friends, who are genius thinkers, wildly more talented than either of us.  They are the true brain trust behind all things Pretender. Hat in hand, often on our knees, we will crawl to them and – without making eye contact (they hate eye contact) – we tell them where we are failing and ask for any guidance they can provide. Though neither ever read our stories (and we are not sure either of them ever read at all), these little geniuses always seem to have just the perfect answer, just the right question to pose to the audience, the perfect twist with which to create an incredible chapter-ending cliffhanger that keeps you reading in the middle of the night. They are the brains behind the brains behind Jarod’s brains and Miss Parker’s clever quips. And while they are expensive, we believe it’s worth it. Yet… the oddest thing about these prodigies is that they don’t take money as pay.   That would be too easy.  With these story virtuosos, it is all about incentives, making them promises they can’t refuse.  Hell, sometimes we even are forced to bribe them with special edibles or agreeing to go on long walks while they mastermind the next story move. But we threw them for a major loop yesterday when we asked more than we ever have before.  Our issue wasn’t just about a small story point here, a character revelation there, we asked them the big question.  What they thought the 3rd Pretender Novel should be about. We are afraid that we stumped them. Below is a picture of them pondering all the possibilities. If you wish to incentivize them yourselves with special treats they will become your best friends too.


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