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New Centre HR

Don’t let the sly smile on the new head of Centre Human Resources fool you. She’s on a mission to find new employees. Special employees. Employees who are looking for an exciting career in one of the most selective organizations on the planet. She was searching for them this weekend in LA at Stan Lee’s Comikaze – Next week she expands her search worldwide. Think you have what it takes to fit in at the Centre? Send her a resume at and who knows – you may be the next person to wear the Centre badge proudly.



Nelda is coming back to the Centre…

SHE’LL BE COMIN’ ROUND THE MOUTAIN WHEN SHE COMES… The T-Committee – (and we don’t mean T-Board) is thrilled to announce that – Nelda is coming back to the Centre… And soon! And not in a book! BUT LIVE – via video tape! You won’t want to miss it! Details coming soon after THE BIG REBIRTH BOOK LAUNCH – October 7TH! Nelda says buy one copy on that day for you, another for a friend and be sure and mark your calendars for BOTH of these HISTORIC EVENTS! Share this with your friends – they will be happy you did!



Rebirth Cover Poll

Thank you!

If it weren’t for the passion and loyalty of the global Pretender fan base, today would have never come. Please go to Rebirth Cover Poll and help us choose the cover of the first Pretender Novel – Rebirth. While there, be sure to click the red line below to get an up close look at each individual book cover candidate. Then vote for your favorite Rebirth cover.

For over a decade all of you have kept The Pretender alive in your hearts – today you get to shout out and help us choose its new look. Oh and also click on the CI mail list button and become a Centre Insider – THEY GOT THIS REBIRTH SECRET FIRST – and there are many, many more to come. FYI – today we will also join Google+: and formed a Google Community: After you vote come join the conversation.





O’Quinn looked younger than his 44 years. Militarily fit, ramrod-straight spine, a shaved head, the swaggering alpha male was as much a testosterone machine today as he was in his youth. O’Quinn was not a malevolent man. He was a professional warrior of intense focus and in that way – in that one way only – he was honorable. O’Quinn wants to know who Jarod is. O’Quinn wants to know why Jarod is? O’Quinn wants to know where Jarod is. And O’Quinn always gets what he wants. Fear O’Quinn in the upcoming Pretender Novel, Rebirth, the release date of which will be announced very, very soon. Comment, like, share…

Meet Nathalie




The girls at the gun range on SL-14 have to be on their toes when this taskmaster is around. This chick with a gun always shoots to kill. Nathalie was inspired by and named for a CI and a super fan. You will read about Nathalie in the second Pretender novel. Will you be the next CI or super fan of The Pretender to have your own office in The Centre? Or perhaps to share an Ice Cream with Jarod? As the Centre Universe rises you can be… We’ll announce soon in the CI newsletter how… If you know others who would like to discover what is happening in the Centre Universe share this to them and tell them to follow the link and they too will learn the CI secrets…

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