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Face Lift? It wasn’t a Face Lift?

It was just a little Nip Tuck. is up and running again.

Check out the ‘work’ and let us know what you think…

Maintenance Downtime

out-of-order Due to routine upgrades from the tech department, there will be some downtime on the Centre Mainframe at at 11pm PST. SIS has reported no breech in security and Mr Broots is working hard to run the maintenance sweep as efficiently as possible.

Welcome to the new


To receive Jarod in the most celebratory fashion, we have been working hard on getting our website redone. is more dynamic than ever and has all the information you need to usher in the release of our newest Pretender adventure: Saving Luke. Highlights of the new site include blogs from both Steven and Craig, preview chapters from the Pretender novels, a directory with all the Centre info in one place, and, of course, the archives of all the Centre Employees Newsletters. The Centre Gear shop is back as well! In the next few weeks, the G.I.F.T. (Global Integrated Fandom Think Tank) will be launched, a worldwide community for Pretender Fans to meet, discuss, and, better yet, be a part of the fandom in ways never before imagined. Let us know what you think of the new look. PS: As a special surprise, we have prepared a first look at Saving Luke for the Centre Insiders. To unlock it, click here and use the secret password we gave out during the Centre Christmas Calendar. Hurry, though- the Triumvirate will lock it away in the sub-levels after 24 hours!

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