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The Ice Cube



The frosty Ice Cube, the Centre’s server archive that contains all information regarding major projects, places, and people connected to all our operations is now live at!

This ever-growing archive, containing information about the stories portrayed in the Pretender novels, is made possible through the participation of fans all around the world! Comment on each entry, send an email to, or start a topic in the forums to add your ideas and entries to the Ice Cube.  The Centre is counting on you to help make the Ice Cube the most complete archive of Pretender novels information out there!

I’ve got a secret

I bet Steve’s looking everywhere for this. Can you keep my secret?


Don’t forget to watch the other Red Files at

Jul 9: Secret Project

Secret Project conference call to set sales strategy

Mysterious Meetings

Reports Of Mysterious Meetings have come to our attention. We understand many have taken place and even more are planned. While unsure of the exact context and the subject matter of these secret sessions we strongly suspect ‘mischief in the New Year’ involving many old friends is in store. If you sight a similar reunion please photograph it quietly and email it to us ASAP for analysis. This mystery needs to be solved and soon.


Secret Meetings

Just what are Jon Gries and Steven Long Mitchell talking about?

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