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G.I.F.T. Code of Conduct

tP Community Mission Statement

We are a productive, fun community that welcomes new ideas, works hard to add to the tP experience, builds upon the talents and skills of the members, and fosters collaboration on projects with a variety of needs, interests and abilities. We strive to be considerate, be respectful, be collaborative, take responsibility for our actions, ask for help if needed, value open discussion, work hard, and have fun. We gain strength from diversity, and actively seek participation from those who enhance it. This code of conduct exists to ensure that all collaboration exists to promote our mutual advantage and enjoyment. Most importantly, we strive to have fun while collaborating in each others projects. #thePretenderLives

Code of Conduct

By posting on the project forums and in this website, you should be considerate of this simple set of rules:

  • Be respectful. Be civil to each member at all times. We welcome discussion and debate but please be respectful and make every member feel comfortable when sharing their ideas and projects.
  • Remember: don’t write something that you wouldn’t like to read about yourself.
  • Safety first! Always remember that, while we strive to make this a safe environment for everyone, this is the internet and you must be careful with the kind of private information that you share publicly.
  • Any racist or demeaning comments, as well as cursing and inappropriate content will be deleted by the administrators.
  • Any content that violates these simple rules may be edited or deleted.




Right after the first big announcement, we gathered a Pretender Army among fellow Centre Operatives.

Our main goal?

To get Rebirth, the first Pretender novel, a hit on Amazon.


Along the way, the amazing beny_boi contributed with his talented video skills and made a campaign video to help the cause.

The results?

On October 7th, the day of its official release, Rebirth hit #569 on bestseller’s list. Better yet, it ranked #1 on on latest releases and #2 on English books (#1 if you don’t count the grammar book that was ranking first)! And Italy #65 And Germany #14


  It was a great day for Pretender fans across the globe and our Mission was a success.

Operation Red File

Operation Red File

One of the first collaborative undertakings was the project known as Operation Red File.


The project contained several phases, the first of which was the collection of reflections from nearly 70 members of the Pretender fan community.  Submissions ranged from letters to collages, digital art, comics, and even a mini movie. The entries ranged from personal stories to humourous anecdotes, providing a wide range of contributions describing exactly how the Pretender affected each participant.

The second phase of the project was the assembly, both in physical and digital formats. Each entry was recorded and placed in a communal folder for coding into an online magazine format so all the participants had the ability to view the final product. A physical copy of each submission was placed in a scrapbook that was then presented to Steven and Craig on September 19, 2013 during the anniversary celebration of the Pretender.

The third phase was creation of supporting pages, cover, and yearbook to give the Red File some structure. Contributors added photographs and contact information to provide some context to each entry.

The last phase was an online campaign to leak hints of the project to the Pretender Creators, through various social media outlets. Official hints were leaked every week or so, with individuals tweeting or posting about it more often.

The final result was a great collaboration that seemed to be enjoyed by everyone in the Centre Universe!

You can find the final result here:

If you’ve been a part of this special project, and even if you didn’t, don’t miss the follow up videos, where the creators thank all of the fans for their amazing submissions.

Merry Christmas

We both wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and tell you that we have a special gift being made for you all that will be available in January! Over the last several months, we have been so impressed with the amount of talent in the fandom that we are building a place within the Pretender Universe as a community for everyone to come and share their work, their ideas, and their talents. A playground for anything and everything tP the fanmily has to offer. We all get discovered somewhere… who knows just what might be discovered there… (Oh, and make note of this code: PARMAT-1. It will open a special door soon – one that contains answers you might find interesting.)   Steven and Craig

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