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Another Man’s Gun


As many of you may, or may not know, after playing Broots, Jonny Gries had to spend multiple years in therapy getting over his recurring nightmares of Miss Parker and an electronic spatula. Craig and Steve have, during all of this time, felt semi-bad about this.

In fact, when discussing this subject, Craig, with great compassion, was once heard to say, “Jonny who?” It is in that very holiday spirit that we are asking all of you to join with us in kickstarting  ‘Jonny Who’ into a whole new life by giving him a special gift this Christmas – a chance to direct a movie. It’s called Another Man’s Gun and all the details are here: You can read the  WAMG Article interview with Jon Gries here:

Even a dollar or two will help him get over the spatula trauma of his past and pave the way for a solid future. At least that’s what Jonny Who told us! Can we count on you to help us get the word out there? It would mean the world to our Brootsie.

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