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Mallory T-Minus 15 minutes until the SL-15 chat. Get your questions ready!
Frenchick10 Hello Pretender world ๐Ÿ™‚
Miss Bougainvillea Hi Guys ๐Ÿ™‚
Vicky Hello! ๐Ÿ˜€
Vania hey there!
Muhammed Hi everybody ๐Ÿ™‚
jarodsafehouse71 Hey everyone
Lisa K Hey Karen!
Miss Bougainvillea I see the usual suspects here :p
Muhammed Lol Bougainvillea
Lisa K This is a nice break from my reading about Central-Pacific El Nino’s and US Winter weather…….the topic of my current research…….
jarodsafehouse71 Hey Lisa!
Muhammed So we are waiting SLM
Lisa K My first time in this chat….anything I should know before we get started?
Muhammed Lisa just respect the rules and it will be fine
Steve Mitchell Should I be scared?
Miss Bougainvillea @SteveMitchell of course you should… haven’t you learned anything in the past months? :p
Muhammed Otherwise Mr. Raines will come to visit you lol
Mallory Always! Welcome, Steve! It’s great to see so many from the FanMily online too.
Steve Mitchell Uh oh – Hi Miss B
Vania Welcome ๐Ÿ™‚
Lisa K Thanks Muhammed. I’ve run these things before, so I’m just wondering if anything has changed in 10 years.
Miss Bougainvillea Hi Mr Mitchell ๐Ÿ˜‰
Steve Mitchell Yes – Hi everyone – its nice to be with you all again
Vicky Hello Steve!
Muhammed Welcome SteveMitchell
jarodsafehouse71 Hey Steve!!!
Frenchick10 Hi Steve ๐Ÿ™‚
Lisa K Steve, yes, you should be VERY afraid! Muwahahahahahaha
Lenka Hellp
Steve Mitchell hello V and M and L and Fc, and Lenka et al. so I have a ton of questions that were sent in ahead of time and I will post them as we go. Let me try a test:
Muhammed ok
Anne Hi all! Hi Steve!
Miss Bougainvillea Hi Anne !
Steve Mitchell Hi Anne.Hi Steve, This is Joel G, from Portugal. I know I probably won’t be listening to the chat live, but rest assured I will check on it later. (You will probably lose some sleep over this. Don’t worry. I will be back soon.) Now, for the questions: JG: Will the next book be a two-parter like Rebirth and Saving Luke?

SLM: We are not planning it to be two-parter but a stand alone story.

JG: When will we start seeing glimpses of new (or old) characters on Facebook like we did with O’Quinn, Dara and Kaj?

SLM: The other novels coming, Shattered Doll: about the 20ish Miss Parker, and Patterns: about a unique detective who hunts down serial killers in an even more unique way, will be coming out before the next Pretender novels. So as for glimpses of new (and old) characters โ€“ you will begin seeing those as we begin to roll out the new novels. And BTW we will be putting those out mainly through the website โ€“ but will notify everyone through Facebook.

Muhammed It’s really cool to have a chat in this site, good idea
Steve Mitchell Thanks Mohammed – it is all because of the secret fans who control my life and threaten me if I don’t do these kinds of things. I need to be rescued.
Lisa K And you love EVERY second of it too, Steve.
Frenchick10 Threaten? I’m sure it’s for your own good ๐Ÿ˜€
jarodsafehouse71 I’ll rescue you Steve! ๐Ÿ™‚
Muhammed hahahah lol SteveMitchel
Steve Mitchell Lisa – you don’t know all of these ppl.
Muhammed hahahah lol SteveMitchel
Lisa K This is true. I’ll take your word for it. ๐Ÿ™‚
Miss Bougainvillea muahahahaha #evillaugh
Steve Mitchell Ok _ i didn’t like the way the first pre answered q and A came out so I will try another way
Vicky About the questions answered, I really can’t wait for Shattered Dolls. ๐Ÿ™‚
Muhammed I have questions too
Steve Mitchell JG: Some readers complained that Rebirth had a similar setting to the pilot episode. Saving Luke was as fresh and original as it could get. Will the next novel be based on any previously explored setting or will it be all brand new?SLM: Great question, Joel โ€“ which is not unexpected from you. The new novel(s) will be brand new โ€“ while answering questions from the past in fun and unexpected ways. Rebirth was old and new by design. We wanted the original fans to realize we were being true to the original while also evolving into something. Is that better?
Miss Bougainvillea Much better! ๐Ÿ™‚
Vicky It’s easier to read, yes.
Vania perfect @SteveMitchell
Frenchick10 Yep. Definitely.
Muhammed tes
Steve Mitchell well if miss b says its better thAn its beter
Mallory Great! Thank you!
Anne Yep
Steve Mitchell or thEn its better
Miss Bougainvillea hahahahahaha
Steve Mitchell I’m never sure.Another Joel Q: JG: For now Jarod is all about making amends by helping the little guy. Have you figured out when will he decide it’s time to turn the table?

SLM: We have plans that we think will make everyone smile regarding this issue coming in a future story.

Miss Bougainvillea you used to be so good at distinguishing then and than…
Steve Mitchell I’m getting rusty on those. so we are here to talk about the world cup. RIght?
Muhammed I want to ask THE question that french fans are asking so much: when the french release of the first book will be?
Lisa K Yes, exactly – World Cup. ๐Ÿ˜€
Miss Bougainvillea :p
Vicky Please, no more world cup!
Vania don’t mention the world cup to the Portuguese, please. I’d rather forget.
jarodsafehouse71 I second that Vicky!
Miss Bougainvillea very good question @Muhammed, I’ve been wondering as well ๐Ÿ˜€
Muhammed lol world cup is finished
Miss Bougainvillea @Vania: agreed!!! :'(
Frenchick10 Yea French release… good question!
Steve Mitchell Sorry – re: WC
Vicky Very good one, indeed!
Miss Bougainvillea WC… Water Closet? :p sorryyyy bad joke… I know you meant World Cup…
Muhammed Bougainvillea your welcome
Steve Mitchell as for the French release – well – I’m told it is 99% done. We just need a title.
Lisa K Oh, I very much understand, Vania…..we felt that way several times in the past. Now, onto the better topic at hand…..TP
Muhammed Steve I give you a title: Le Camรฉlรฉon : Renaissance.
Steve Mitchell That is one of the ones under consideration. we have also and resurrection suggested
Muhammed Ressurection is not ok i think
Steve Mitchell and even le cameleon vit
Muhammed renaissance is better translated
Steve Mitchell so we have one vote for renaissance – anyone else?
Mallory Second!
Muhammed please vote for me all lol
Vania I like that too
Vicky I’m all for Le Camรฉlรฉon: Renaissance. ๐Ÿ˜‰
Anne Personally I prefer Le Cameleon: Renaissance
Lisa K vote for me too.
Muhammed Thank you :))
Miss Bougainvillea I vote for “Le Camรฉlรฉon: Renaissance”
Muhammed yay I won hahah
simtec here here
Frenchick10 Yeah, guess it works. Le camรฉlรฉon : Renaissance.
Steve Mitchell well what Muhammed wants…french chick doesn’t sound convinced
Muhammed Thank you all
Miss Bougainvillea I don’t know… it’s not the perfect option, but I can’t think of a better one ๐Ÿ™
Steve Mitchell Last Joel Question: JG: And finally: the scrolls. Yes or no?
Frenchick10 Yeah well… I can’t think of a better one either so…
Mary Palma Good evening to all..Sorry for late
Steve Mitchell Well Miss B what would be perfect option?
Muhammed Welcome Mary Palma
Steve Mitchell Hello Miss Palma
Lisa K Yay, you got it.
Vicky Hi Mary!
Miss Bougainvillea I would do a poll on the webiste for the French Title @SteveMitchell
Mary Palma my computer is so idiot ๐Ÿ˜›
Miss Bougainvillea hi Mary
Steve Mitchell A poll is a good idea. For the French site – as son as we launch –
Anne Hi Mary
Muhammed Good idea Bougainvillea put my suggestion ๐Ÿ™‚
Lisa K How long are you going to be with us, Steve?
Frenchick10 Hi Mary.
Steve Mitchell how long do you want me Lisa? ignore everyone else listening
Lisa K As long as you want to play with us! LOL
Muhammed Steve why not on the original site the poll?
Vicky When will that be, Steve? (About the French site?)
Bridget UK Good evening all … did I miss much?
Muhammed Hi Bridget
Bridget UK Hello
Vicky Hi Bridget!
Miss Bougainvillea Hi Bridget
Lisa K Scroll through the posts, Bridget, and you’ll see the couple of posts from Steve already.
Steve Mitchell the french site is nearly good to go – but we have been waiting to launch until we knew for sure the book was ready. It will all be soon (he said with his fingers crossed)
Bridget UK hello everyone
Anne Hi Bridget.
Steve Mitchell Hi Bridget
Miss Bougainvillea (don’t forget the toes @SteveMitchell )
Rym Hello everyone!!
jarodsafehouse71 Thank you for stealing my reply Lisa!! ๐Ÿ™‚
Muhammed Thx Steve for the news
Vicky @SteveMitchell: Great! I’m sure it’ll happen soon! ๐Ÿ˜‰
Steve Mitchell Hello Miss Rym
Tonya Hello everyone!
shadowKate Hi everyone!
Muhammed Hi rym
Vicky Hi Rym!!
Miss Bougainvillea Hi Rym
Mary Palma ufuf, I bet there not will be a publication in Italian
Miss Bougainvillea Hi @ShadowKate
Lisa K Bahahaha, Karen! ๐Ÿ˜€ Great minds, right???
Steve Mitchell Tonya too? Hi Tonya
Vania Welcome! We’re chatting live with Steven Long Mitchell, co-creator of the Pretender. A transcript will be made available after the chat too.
jarodsafehouse71 Indeed Lisa! Indeed
Miss Bougainvillea Hi Tonya
Steve Mitchell We are?
Muhammed Vania are you an admin of the site?
Frenchick10 Rym t ou?
Sky Hi:)
Steve Mitchell Hi Sky
Rym Je suis lร  Nath
Muhammed Hi Sky
Tonya Hi Steve! How are you?
jarodsafehouse71 So Steve, do you have a concept for the third Pretender novel, and if so, are you at liberty to give us a little clue as to what we can expect?
Miss Bougainvillea Hi Sky
Steve Mitchell FROM: Lisa P LP – My burning question has to do with Michael (of course) and the tattoos, and being so clean shaven. I have always wondered how he got that way for that episode.
Frenchick10 Sorry je t’avais pas vu LOL.
Steve Mitchell SLM โ€“ we paid him a lot of money to do it! Actually it was a time consuming process โ€“ he had to come in hours early and have the tats reapplied every day of the shoot โ€“ but we all thought they turned out great and I loved the imagery of him staring at them in the mirror.
Rym They were really great.
Lisa K Thanks Steve. They really were amazing!
Steve Mitchell I have 12 more pages of questions and answers – some of which involve Rym. BTW
Lisa K Well, then get to the questions, sir! ๐Ÿ˜€
Miss Bougainvillea @SteveMitchell, will we see more videos with answers from Jon Gries?
Lisa K Okay, brb……
Steve Mitchell Yes you will Miss B. Including yours and Nathalie’s.
Rym I known nothing, don’t torture me for answers please. Do that to Steve.
Steve Mitchell and a few other select ones
Vicky Haha Rym!
Miss Bougainvillea ๐Ÿ˜€
Frenchick10 ๐Ÿ™‚ Yay.
Mary Palma ahem…What’s BTW,@SteveMitchell ?
Miss Bougainvillea yaay, thank you!btw = by the way
Steve Mitchell by the wayQuestions from Ruben: Ruben: How do you feel that you communicated with the fans up until the point before Rebirth was announced?
Mary Palma oh,thank you!!
Steve Mitchell SLM: Hi, R. I guess the truth is that before we announced we were bring The Pretender back we had no idea the fan base was still as active as it was. That is of course because of the passion exhibited by websites around the world for both the show and specific stars. So to answer your question, as I understand it, Iโ€™d say we did a piss poor job before we realized everyone was out there still. Since we announced and during the past year (yes it has only been just over a year) I think we are learning more and more bout how to connect with the fans via social media and we hope we are doing a much better job. Your passion, and the passion we have been receiving over the last 14 months has been humbling and we are doing are best to return the love we feel. We encourage you and all the other fans to tell us how do you think we are doing? And how can we do better?
DelphineR Hello!!!
Steve Mitchell Ruben: Was it a difficult decision to opt for a reboot instead of a continuation of the series?
Frenchick10 Deeeeeel. Hello ๐Ÿ˜€
Miss Bougainvillea hiii @DelphineR
Vicky Hello Delphine!!
Mallory Hey Delphine!
Steve Mitchell SLM: Great question. The answer is yes and no. As we watched new generations of fans come into The Pretender fandom โ€“ having been exposed through the videos and other services ala Netflix and Hulu we realized the story was timeless โ€“ yet we still wanted to update it from a technology stand point and make it feel more relvant in the ever changing world we live in. That being said we also wanted to fulfill the obligation to the original fans to answer the unanswered questions that are out there. We began that in Saving Luke and will continue to answer a major question in each of the succeeding novels.Hello Delphine.
Rym Hi Delphine (Club des 5 au complet ??)
Muhammed x
Frenchick10 Nan. Manque Syd.
DelphineR Thanks! ๐Ÿ˜‰
Vicky @Rym: non, c’est Electre, pas Syd. Me trompe?
Steve Mitchell jarodsafehouse71: So Steve, do you have a concept for the third Pretender novel, and if so, are you at liberty to give us a little clue as to what we can expect?
Miss Bougainvillea Club des 5 ๐Ÿ˜€ mdr
Frenchick10 Great question ๐Ÿ™‚
Steve Mitchell We are working on the story for #3 and #4. #3 will be personal journeys for SYd, MP and Jarod – 4 is a secret.
Mary Palma We are happy with the return of Jarod ^ _ ^ Thank you,@SteveMitchell After so many years has been a wonderful gift!! We need to dream
Rym Oh #3 sounds great.
jarodsafehouse71 Oh there you go with those secrets again. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks Steve!
Frenchick10 4 sounds mysterious ๐Ÿ˜€
Vicky What do you want to tell us this secret? ๐Ÿ˜€
Mary Palma 4??Oh My God!!!Ut’s fantastic
Steve Mitchell that and my typos
Miss Bougainvillea I’m already loving 3 !!!
Muhammed MAry indeed it’s a beautiful gift
Frenchick10 Have a question about the graphic novels… when do you think the first one will come out? Before #โ™ฆ3 and #4?
Miss Bougainvillea @SteveMitchell… you should hire one or more proofreaders… :p
Steve Mitchell and that is not to mention the first young Miss P novel and the Patterns novels as well
Vicky So many things coming! That’s great!
Steve Mitchell Graphic novels: What a pain in my $%^! Actually they take for ever. we are currently working with several big companies to see if we can cut a deal for them to run with the GN’s, that way we can spend our time on the novels and the features
Frenchick10 LOL.
Bridget UK Steve, I remember reading somewhere that Michael complained about Jarod “not getting enough nookie” … was this the reason you had him and Skylar hook-up in Saving Luke?
Steve Mitchell and the tv stuff (that I’m not really saying anything about right now)
Rym Spoiler alert
Mary Palma I haven’t fully read the second book: my English is bad! but I’m working with a good book of grammar and the dictionary!The Pretenderi fans don’t give up!But I cannot wait to find out what it’s about the third book (and the fourth, of course!)
Muhammed Thanks to books we can finally know what the characters are thinking of or feeling
Vicky @SteveMitchell: you’ve said too much already! ๐Ÿ˜€
Frenchick10 Now you have to tell us! Is it Pretender related?
Steve Mitchell Nookie – or the lack there of – was just one of the many things Michael complained about
Frenchick10 Even if it’s not we want to know!
Steve Mitchell No spoilers. Just yet. I will tell you that we are having a few preliminary discussions about how we would do a feature.
Bridget UK LOL — I’d love to know what else he complained about
Miss Bougainvillea *jeopardy theme* dum dum dum dum
Muhammed Mary Palma: my english is good enough i just lack of vocabulary ๐Ÿ™‚
Miss Bougainvillea A feature… mhmmmmmm
Vicky keeping my fingers (and toes) crossed then!
DelphineR My question: Who were the parents of Faith? Had they a link with the Centre? Maybe Daddy Parker had adopted Faith cause he felt guilty about something
Steve Mitchell we also have a couple TV projects in the works that we will announce as soon as they are really real. Good question re faith. That may be something to explore in the upcoming books – or perhaps on the website as we answer questions that have long be asked about.
Vania oh I want to know the answer to that question… re:Faith
Mary Palma Perhaps the question is silly:what do Michael and Andrea think,about the books? have found their characters?
Lisa K Here’s another vote to find out what he complained about too. ๐Ÿ˜€
Muhammed Steve: for the tv show if it will be possible to have it, will be the same characters or brand new or some of old characters will be too? Sorry for the english
Steve Mitchell Ruben: Can you understand that some fans, who were dedicated to the storyline of the TV series and having waited for 12 years to see final closure to that particular storyline, found this aspect to be a disappointment?Of course. But we didnโ€™t want to just write one novel that answered all those questions and ended the story. We wanted to rekindle the passion people had as well as offer that passion to new fans joining the Pretender journey, one that we plan to continue long into the future.

Ruben: You have said you could have โ€œjustโ€ written an encyclopedia of answers to end the TV series, but I also believe you have claimed to have had material to continue the series for quite a while. Couldnโ€™t rebirth have continued from the series and still be expanded to cover many novels?

Yes โ€“ but it would have done so at the exclusion of any new fans joining in as they would have to have watched the series to know what was going on. Ruben: You have said that with the reboot wanted to reach a new audience in addition to the old. It seems however that most of the current audience are those who are familiar with the TV series. If it reaches a new audience, and when they watch the series after reading the books, isnโ€™t it a very possibility that they will react negatively to the continuity breach between rebirth and the series?

Lisa K Good question Mary!
Steve Mitchell Mary: Michael has weighed in and is very favorable. We are going to have lunch with both he and Andra as soon as he is back in town and I will report back.More Ruben: Ruben: You have said that with the reboot wanted to reach a new audience in addition to the old. It seems however that most of the current audience are those who are familiar with the TV series. If it reaches a new audience, and when they watch the series after reading the books, isnโ€™t it a very possibility that they will react negatively to the continuity breach between rebirth and the series?

SLM: I guess anything is possible. But as of now the new fans seem to be as or more taken with the current story as the old. And for those who have been inspired to go back to the series we have not gotten any negative response – – but then again you never know. The truth is in both Television and Novels you canโ€™t please everyone and while we would never try to purposefully offend anyone. We know that some people will not see within the reboot what they were hoping for.

DelphineR The pretender Family is the best ๐Ÿ˜‰
Lisa K From what he wrote for Saving Luke, that’s very apparent, Steve. Please let him know how much we love and appreciate all his put into it for the fans.
Steve Mitchell Still more Ruben: Ruben: You recently referred to The Pretender as a franchise in an interview. What do you put in the concept of a franchise for The Pretender?While not getting too deep in the weeds of โ€˜businessโ€™, The Pretender is a franchise or a brand in the sense it is a known quantity for fans in the market place. In the world we live in Craig and I understand that we can tell the story of The Pretender in many forms for different demographics. Our focus now is in novels and graphic novels (which is a much slower process than we ever anticipated) and we are already developing the ways to bring the mythology to tv and film.
Vicky @SteveMitchell: any chance for MTW and AP joining the chat one day?
Steve Mitchell Will do Lisa. I will ask them Vicky.Ruben: Is it wise to focus on spin off novels given the current state of The Pretender?

Iโ€™m not sure I understand this question but I hope so! The young Miss Parker novels will give a glimpse into her life during some of her formative years โ€“ and it will work for fans of wither the show or the series. The other novel could easily stand alone but is a story we have long wanted to tell that we think the fnas of TP will love. Only the future will tell.

Even More Ruben: Ruben: Is it, concerning the spin off novels, important that all aspects about certain characters or the Centre are revealed? Given the secretive nature of the Centre and its shady characters, shouldnโ€™t certain things be left to the imagination? If everything is revealed, I fear that revealing important Centre secrets will become something thatโ€™s predictable; it wonโ€™t be shocking or surprising.

We agree completely with that. Our plan is to keep true to everything about The Pretender that made it and all of itโ€™s characters what they were. You know us, for every revelation there will be questions and new intrigue that will dove tail into what we know in a way to make it all that much more fascinating.

Lisa K I LOVE the thought of the spin off novels, and how we can get so much more insight into the characters we have grown to know and love.
Steve Mitchell Keep that in mind Lisa – more to come.
Muhammed Steve: for the tv show if it will be possible to have it, will be the same characters or brand new or some of old characters will be too?
Vicky If it’s about the Young Miss P novels, as a fan, I’m waiting for them! We don’t know a lot about her life from when she was sent away from the Centre!
Steve Mitchell We have some really interesting thoughts on how to do this so everyone old and new can be happy.
Frenchick10 Spin off novels… love the idea!
Steve Mitchell Even Miss B
jarodsafehouse71 So do I Lisa. I’m looking as forward to the spin-off novels and GNs as much as the Pretender novels themselves.
Rym I can’t wait for the Miss P novel.
Lisa K ๐Ÿ™‚
Frenchick10 Really waiting for them too.
Muhammed Thank you steve
Miss Bougainvillea hahaha @SteveMitchell I didn’t say anything!! ๐Ÿ˜€
Steve Mitchell Could it really be more Ruben? Yes it could. Ruben: About the young Miss Parker novels: most fans have a general understanding of why she became who she became (losing her mother at an early age, being neglected by her father during her upbringing, of whom she desperately wanted attention and approval from). Shouldnโ€™t the details about her life be left to the imagination of each individual fan? One could decide not to read those novels, but the problem is that those novels will become a new official part of the pretender arc (cannon), and are likely to be referred to later in the main novels. One just canโ€™t ignore them.0 2014-07-21 05:41:23 SteveMitchell SLM: As mentioned above we will only reveal things that make the future material more intriguing. We will see new characters that come into play in later TP novels โ€“ and we may also catch glimpses of old friends in the past in ways you never imagined.
Lisa K Now you’re really teasing us!
Steve Mitchell The fun of the spin offs is they give us looks into different parts of the pretender universe – and into the lives of different people within them Even Patterns has a unique tie that makes it story from the PU.
Muhammed good
Frenchick10 How many spin off are we talking about again?
Steve Mitchell we’re not sure FC, right now there are the two
Bridget UK Apologies for a very simple question — but I’ve always been curious about why “The Centre” is spelt the British way, not the US spelling .. any reason?
Steve Mitchell and then there is another we have in mind that is a crossroads for different ppl from all the PU to travel through. Wait! I just found a couple more from Ruben.Ruben: How can we know for sure, after all these years, that you are a 100% dedicated to go all the way and finish The Pretender at some point?

All I can say is we are committed to doing this โ€“ The Pretender is our most passionate project and something we see as our lifeโ€™s work.

Ruben: What if you get involved in other projects during this and things gets postponed, neglected or the quality of the output is affected?

Then shame on us. The reality is we will be doing other projects โ€“ but I focus is to insure that which ever projects we decide to take on besides TP โ€“ have to fill one condition for us โ€“ that fans of that/those projects will be fans that will come to TP and enhance the TP fandom for years to come.

Lisa K Great answer, Steve!
Steve Mitchell We have secret mad scientist plans on how to accomplish this โ€“ so stay tuned. Thanks for all the great questions, Ruben, you know how to keep me on my toes. Wow – that Ruben had some good thoughts.
DelphineR Lol
Vicky @SteveMitchell: one thing that tells me you’re really committed to stick to the Pretender is that, even when you talked about other projects in interview, there was still a part about tP. ๐Ÿ˜‰
Vania great answers too @SteveMitchell. I can’t wait for all that is to come.
Muhammed Steve: will the dvd be remastered as bluray version?
Steve Mitchell Just wait. We have this one project we are doing – non pretender related. Big mystery. And our plan is to make sure all those fans who come to it get the distinct impression that the answers they need for that can only be found in the pretender universe.
Frenchick10 Good question Muhammed ๐Ÿ™‚
Rym Steve: are there any TP bloopers ?
Lisa K And that’s why we love you and Craig!
Vicky Oh yes @Rym, bloopers! I want to know if they exist, too!
Frenchick10 Yeah mystery should be your second name Steve…
Steve Mitchell Muhammed – truth is I don’t know. That is a 20th Century Fox question. However _ I think as the resurgence of the pretender fandom continues to grow that they will be incentivized to do just that.
Muhammed I can’t wait to have the french book in my hands ! lol
Steve Mitchell Bridget UK: Apologies for a very simple question — but I’ve always been curious about why “The Centre” is spelt the British way, not the US spelling .. any reason?
Mary Palma wiw,good question,Ruben!!
Steve Mitchell Great question.
Miss Bougainvillea aaah that French Book… everybody talks about it, no one has seen it
Ruben Thanks for the answers, SteveMitchell. Didn’t think you would answer all of em. They’ve been bugging me since this whole thing started.
Rym Steven Very-long-mysteries Mitchell ?
Frenchick10 Me too!
Lisa K LOL Rym! Excellent!!!
DelphineR The Centre comes from Isle of carthis ( in a way )…! It was near of UK!
Steve Mitchell We used the European spelling for Centre because the Centre is world wide – and we wanted our show to be global.
Frenchick10 LOL Rym… (high pitch voice) awe-some!
DelphineR I love this name Rym!!!
Muhammed Bougainvillea it’s finished at %99 it jsut need a french name
Steve Mitchell Thanks for the great questions Ruben. Yes Miss Rym – verrrry Loooong
Lenka Ruben, thank you for your question regarding the Pretender return to screen. Last five minutes I tried to create and write similar question ๐Ÿ˜€ Cause it seems impossible to me to include original cast to new story with timeline change. But maybe it means that Steve and Craig would like to shoot another Pretender movie that will follow the scrolls…
Frenchick10 Will there be other translation of Rebirth?
Bridget UK TY Steve — that makes sense — I feel an idiot for even asking LOL
Frenchick10 I meant in other languages… of course, than French.
Mary Palma hey, don’t forget the books in Italian,@SteveMitchell
Miss Bougainvillea @Muhammad thx, I must have missed that announcement!
Lisa K I’m sure many people wanted to know the same thing, Bridget, but no one asked. Thank you for asking! It’s a great question. And, now we all know the answer. ๐Ÿ™‚
Steve Mitchell I haven’t forgotten about the Italian – I owe an email about that.From Nick: Hi Steven, Bought the dvds of the series recently and really enjoyed seeing the show again after so many years. You did a great job on it and I was gutted it didn’t have an ending. I have a very character specific question: I got the unsettling impression from the show that Jarod allowed Mr Lyle to murder repeatedly. Why didn’t Jarod put a stop to him? Thanks, Nick

Good question, Nick. Itโ€™s never been said that Jarod could control the actions of others, but rest assured, Jarod has a bigger plan for the take down of Mr. Lyle that will save many more lives.

Muhammed Bougainvillea: you’re welcome, i just made a suggestion for the name
Steve Mitchell From Miss Rym: Steve: are there any TP bloopers?I wish I could say yes – but they’re really weren’t that many – or at least none that got to us int he editing room to save
Rym Oh ๐Ÿ™
Vicky Too bad…
Miss Bougainvillea ooohh ๐Ÿ™
Muhammed I should buy the complete dvd and re watch again because I forgot too many things
DelphineR Bloopers c’est quoi les zamis? ( la traduction qui me vient je sais pas pourquoi c’est nichon… Mais รงa doit pas รชtre รงa)
Laurette delphine bรฉtisiers
Steve Mitchell in the second episode MTW was talking to the lady chopper pilot and the two of them couldn’t get a line out. I wish we’d saved that film But I don’t think we did.
Frenchick10 LOOOOOL hors sujet
Lisa K Re: the CDs. Your commentary on them – classic stuff!!!
DelphineR Ok thanks!!! ;-))))
Muhammed bloopers: funny mistakes in film, ce sont des gaffes bourdes
Steve Mitchell Questions from: PHOTOCHIPPIE Twenty Questions (OK ten!) PHOTOCHIPPIE: Q1: How is it that the former head of SIS only had a chain link lock on her door?She had tons of perimeter security โ€“ and a Smith and Wesson.

Q2: Who was the 7th person Mr. Lee wanted to interview? (1. Blind woman; 2. Elvis; 3. Susan Granger; 4. Kid; 5. Dr from ‘Back From The Dead Again’; 6. Mr. Lyle)

#7 will be revealed in an upcoming Novel. So you will have to wait.

I love when the answers are easy.

Muhammed lol steve
Lisa K LOL
Vania lol
Steve Mitchell This on is for Rym. Not FROM – FOR.PHOTOCHIPPIE: Q3: Who are Baby Parker’s real parents (Bridget was unable to have children and Mr. Parker was sterile) and what ever happened to him?

Check out the G.I.FT section of this website, there Rym, an incredibly talented writer from France is in the process of writing a special story for us about Baby Parker. Follow along and she will answer many of these pressing questions.

Muhammed I saw the interview about that on G.I.F.T.
Steve Mitchell She is blowing my mind with her talent and her style and ideas (but don’t tell he I said so.)
Mallory Yes, check out the G.I.F.T. everyone- lots of awesome stuff there!
Rym You are so nice Steve, thanks.
Steve Mitchell thank you for being so amazing. soon we will be doing these chats with you
Muhammed Mallory: your link on your namee isn’t working. thank you steve
Steve Mitchell Echoing Mallory – if you haven’t checked out the G.I.F.T. please do. There are tons of things coming and lots of ways to have fun.
Lisa K I so admire all those who have minds like this to be able to write such stories – I’m just far too logical to be creative.
Mallory Sorry @Muhammed… must be classified by the Centre?
Lisa K The G.I.F.T. is wonderful!
Steve Mitchell More photochippie. (anyone know who that is?)PHOTOCHIPPIE :Q4: Why does The Centre really want Jarod back?
Muhammed Mallory: maybe lol
Rym (It’s a secret, Steve.)
Steve Mitchell Don’t you want Jarod back? He is the key to all things Pretender afterall. Another easy one.
Frenchick10 Answer to Q4 : Becauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuse…
Steve Mitchell PHOTOCHIPPIE: Q5: Who are the eight red files? (1. Jarod; 2. Angelo; 3. Miss Parker; 4. Mr. Lyle; 5. Alex; 6. Damian; 7. Eddie…)
thepretenderwasneverdead We all want Jarod back. In a movie maybe…? ๐Ÿ˜€
Steve Mitchell #8 will also be revealed in an upcoming novel. See
Mary Palma thanks for all your replies @SteveMitchell.. maybe you could give me another WHO IS REALLY JAROD? A Messiah?
Frenchick10 A5 : Faith
Bridget UK Ever thought of “The Pretender: The Musical” ? I’d love to see that!
Lisa K You truly are enjoying tormenting us, aren’t you, Steve???
Steve Mitchell Messiah – thats a different show we are working on.
thepretenderwasneverdead @Bridget UK: muhahaha ๐Ÿ˜€ me too^^
Vania I think he lives for it @LisaK. HaHa
Steve Mitchell Bridget – Craig has been talking about a play for years.
jarodsafehouse71 I think you’re right Vania!
Mary Palma An ancient prophecy announcing his arrival .. Is His blood human? where his DNA came from?
Steve Mitchell I hope so Mary. I don’t enjoy that at all – and to prove my point: PHOTOCHIPPIE: Q6: What is the significance of the number 8? (8 Red Files; 8 crypts on Carthis; upright infinity…)
Mary Palma ๐Ÿ˜€
Steve Mitchell There are many pieces to the puzzles within The Pretender Universe solving the #8 riddle will help you solve the rest.
Frenchick10 Thought the point was to anwser questions… not ask them…
Bridget UK A play would be wonderful — make sure it’s over here in the UK though (Karen will kill me for that LOL)
Steve Mitchell I should write fortune cookies
jarodsafehouse71 OHHH Interesting @SteveMitchell
Miss Bougainvillea Stop making me hungry… I already ate chocolate 10 min ago…
Steve Mitchell PHOTOCHIPPIE: Q7: How did Mrs. Parker and Jarod’s mother know each other?
jarodsafehouse71 Indeed @Bridget UK, indeed!
Muhammed Lol Bougainvillea
Steve Mitchell Well if we told you that youโ€™d know all the answers โ€“ including why #8 is so important. You should have cobbler miss B
Miss Bougainvillea ๐Ÿ˜€ ooohhh yesss!!! I would not say no to that!!! So my address is…
jarodsafehouse71 Miss B you could even have Steve come cook for you!
Lisa K Question – reading journal articles or watching Parole epi when this is finished???
Anne Steve: Will you be making an appearance at SDCC next week?
Steve Mitchell This one will be tough: Q9: Why did The Pretender 2000 and Isle of the Haunted ASK more questions then they answered?Because we were told before we did them we would be doing at least 5 more movies in which we could answer everything. Then along came 9/11 and well you know the rest.
DelphineR ๐Ÿ™
Miss Bougainvillea @jarodsafehouse71 hahaha nah, he’d be too afraid to face me
Frenchick10 ๐Ÿ™
Steve Mitchell Anne: we don’t have plans to attend SDCC this year but think we will be there next for more than one reason.
Lisa K FIVE more??? Oh man. That’s truly heartbreaking.
Vicky @SteveMitchell: “More than one reason.” Once again, you’ve said too much! ๐Ÿ˜€
Steve Mitchell I have other recipes as well Miss B
Lisa K Sounds like we all need to plan a trip to SDCC next year!
Bridget UK Even more importantly Steve, why were there no kilts in Isle of the Haunted? Shame on you for excluding them!
Miss Bougainvillea @Frenchick10: that might be a sign
Mallory Check out July’s CEN for another awesome PTB recipe… maybe there will be more to come?
Steve Mitchell I think there should be a recipe in each CEN – but thats just me. I have no pull.
jarodsafehouse71 That was my next question @Mallory
Steve Mitchell Bridget – if it makes you feel better Im wearing one now.
Anne As soon as this year’s SDCC is finished, I’ll have to start saving for next year then;)
Miss Bougainvillea @SteveMitchell you should do cooking videos and invite JG, MTW, AP, PB etc. ๐Ÿ˜‰
Mary Palma I’d like to know what happened to the clone of Jarod, Gemini
Steve Mitchell I may just do that.
Lisa K Guess I’m glad that I have several friends who live in SD.
jarodsafehouse71 Steve, there was mention a while back of a Catherine’s Recipes section. Is this still in the works and when can we expect this to be available?
DelphineR miss b : OMG! i love the idea!!!! ;-)))) <3
Steve Mitchell From Carl Schupp Carl: Recently there have been a lot of remakes of children stories and comics that have appealed even to adults. I think one of the most novel of those remakes has beenTINMAN. (I feel it even rivals remakes such as SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN.)Hi Carl โ€“ thanks for the compliment. TINMAN was one of the first out of the box and sort of lead the way.
Bridget UK I won’t go on a rant about sassenachs wearing kilts .. maybe you have Scottish ancestry? LOL
Steve Mitchell Half ScottCARL: From a writers perspective, I was wondering about the time period it took between concept and final shoot?

Tinman took 2-3 years.

Bridget UK That’s ok then Steve, I’m sure you look very Mel Gibson in it
Miss Bougainvillea @Bridget UK: are you on Twitter?
Skye Hi Steve! I just stopped in to give you a virtual ((hug))!!! Your awesome!
Steve Mitchell jarodsafehouse71 yes it is – and all of the recipes we post will be in it.
jarodsafehouse71 Super, thanks Steve!
Mary Palma wowo,thanks Steve!
Vicky @SteveMitchell: Since you’re talking about Tinman, did you know that in France, many many scenes were cut?
Steve Mitchell CARL: How did the Tinman story evolved?The idea was originally one that came up when Craig tossed out the โ€˜crazy ideaโ€™ to do a show about a cop in OZ. We tossed it around for a while and come up with the three short scenes we thought would be a cool opening for the series. Overall we thought it was so out there that no one would ever do that series and the concept sat in our idea files for years โ€“ but every once in a while we would talk about it. Then one day after a disastrous pitch at Syfy, they said to us โ€œthere must be something you guys have always wanted to do that you thought no one would ever doโ€ฆโ€ And we looked at each other and pitched those three short scenes about a cop in OZ and all of a sudden we were doing a miniseries โ€“ that had nothing to do with the original concept.

thanks Skye – I’m always keeping an eye on you.

CARL: It’s downtime periods if any? Any production setbacks and how you guys felt about its production in general (such as your original creative concepts making it as-is on screen, etc..) and if there were plans originally to produce this show as a series over a period of several seasons?

as mentioned above it was originally conceived as a tv series โ€“ and we have actually written the 2 hour pilot script but because of a bankruptcy by the original production company we fear Tinman the series will never see the tv screen.

More Carl: CARL: I think TINMAN would also make a nice book for both kids and adults, if one were ever produced.

we agree. But alas that is tied up in the bankruptcy as well. Maybe in the future though.

CARL: For me, after the third episode I was ready and willing to sit until it’s syndication year:)

Since the right to The Pretender came back to us we will never say never to Tinman โ€“ you just never know. Thanks Carl.

Skye Does mr raines come back in another book?
Steve Mitchell Illustrations – for the characters in the novels – to go on the website – interested?
Steve Mitchell Skye what would the Centre be without the man with his pet oxygen tank?
Lisa K YES!!!
Steve Mitchell Vicky: @SteveMitchell: Since you’re talking about Tinman, did you know that in France, many many scenes were cut?
Lisa K It wouldn’t be the Centre!
Steve Mitchell I did not know that. I hope they were the ones craig wrote
Miss Bougainvillea hahahahaha
Frenchick10 lol.
Lisa K lol
Bridget UK Miss B — Yes I am on Twitter .. but I don’t use it much .. my laptop has issues with it LOL
Rym Haha
jarodsafehouse71 LOL @SteveMitchell
Vania re: illustrations, that would be wonderful
Vicky @SteveMitchell: We only got 180 minutes out of the 270. That was weird!
Steve Mitchell Loyal fan BRAD Asks: Q: What would you guys think of a total tv reboot? As in, same initial premise but completely new cast, characters and storylines.
Mary Palma hahahahaha
Steve Mitchell 180 out of 270? They did cut Craig’s stuff.
Frenchick10 T sure Vicky? Bizarre…
Mary Palma hahahaha
Rym New cast </3
Miss Bougainvillea ๐Ÿ™
Steve Mitchell First, Brad, thanks for being such a loyal fan. That’s a tough question and one we have been actively thinking about for some time. On the one hand, weโ€™d love to rebot the entire series and premise for a whole new generation while also servicing the wants and needs of the long time loyal fans. Sort of like we are doing with the novels. On the other hand weโ€™re also exploring the idea of a reimagining of the mythology that would allow for the series to be reinvented in a way that would allow for us to use some of the original cast (and storylines to bring to conclusion) and at the same time spin out an entirely new epic adventure to get caught up in. Again, something to engage and satisfy the original loyal fans while beginning anew a brand new journey. Thanks Brad.And not piss off Rym.


Rym Thanks.
Frenchick10 not a big fan of a reboot… a continuation in the future… but not a reboot… I mean who’s gonna play Miss P????
Lisa K VERY interesting, Steve. Thanks for sharing.
Miss Bougainvillea I am @Frenchick10 :p ooohh I’m kidding…
Steve Mitchell There’s only one miss p
DelphineR Lol! ๐Ÿ˜‰
Steve Mitchell ANOTHER FAN ASKS: AF: Are the rumors true? Do we really get to have The Pretender again? Shoot straight . . . same cast?
Frenchick10 Lol. I agree with Steve.
Skye What is the first and last letter of miss Parker’s first name?
Steve Mitchell Who started these rumors? shooting straight โ€“ we are in discussions about this and how it would could be accomplished. No major announcements to make but it is in the Zeitgeist.
Rym Steve: have you ever think about a spin off with Gemini ?
Mary Palma don’t forget Project Gemini,the Jarod’s clone.He could be the new Jarod.Or two generations of Jarod in comparison!@Steve Michell
Steve Mitchell Don’t try to slip in a question like that while I am vulnerable MIss SKye – I almost pressed ‘send’ before I caught myself.Lots of thoughts on Gemini –
Skye Awwww shucks!!!! At least I tried ๐Ÿ™‚
Mary Palma Zeitgeist???
Steve Mitchell Kate Galdina writes: Hello! Here is a letter from my friend I-JANE (she is too shy and computer-sick at the moment to send it in personally ๐Ÿ˜‰ Hello, Steve!Hi I-JANE. I-JANE: I have got a question: why do you want to bring the story of the Pretender into the present day so much? Why donโ€™t you want to leave it in the 90s? no-one makes films about Napoleon or Gagarin living in 2014 โ€“ this might come across as a comedy or utter nonsense. Iโ€™d rather you leave Jarod in the original timeline. I donโ€™t want to say that his story is old-fashioned, but today it is much easier to track him down: we have the Internet, migration traffic systems, other new technologies โ€“ itโ€™s a small world after all! And originally it was such a beautiful tale, just a wonderful fairytale! It helped so many people in real life!

Thatโ€™s a lot to tackle in one answer but Iโ€™ll give it a go. While Napoleon and Gargarin may not fit in our modern world we felt Jarod who was so brilliant would fit in just perfectly. We look at the technology of the modern world as a challenge for Jarod but one that his genius mind can certainly turn to his advantage. Don’t forget while the Centre may have more tools to track Jarod with โ€“ he also has those tools to use against them and against those who would thwart his other efforts.

Jess Guillet I donโ€™t have any question. I just want to thank you for everything youโ€™re doing for the fans. I was about 10 when I first watch TP. Now I’m almost 23. I grew up, but I have never forgotten TP. This series changed my life! Thanks to TP I met wonderful people. You created wonderful friendship which lasts for years now. And thanks to you I started writingโ€ฆ I never lost hope and always thought that TP will come back. Thatโ€™s why I wanted to write you this small note, because even from the depths of the west of France, you can always count on me … Long life to The Pretender…
Steve Mitchell Zeitgeist is a fancy way of saying what people are thinking about – the common consciousness – I have to throw in a fancy word now and them (even correctly spelled for Miss B’s eyes) so people think I have a clue what Im doing.Thank you Jess – for being such a wonderful fan – and for NOT ASKING A QUESTION!
Rym Hey Jess!! We’ve met over the years on a lot of websites, am I correct ?
Miss Bougainvillea ๐Ÿ˜€ hahaha and a word with German origins… I’m so proud of you ๐Ÿ™‚
Jess Guillet yes Rym
Steve Mitchell I-JANE: And regarding the format of the new life of the Pretender I like the idea about a cartoon. There are great cartoons about the Beatles, my favorite cartoon โ€œGodzillaโ€ which picks up after Emerichโ€™s movie, my kids really enjoy a cartoon about Jackie Chan, and in one of the episodes of โ€œThe Fringeโ€ the characters find themselves in a place, where all of them look like cartoon characters. It is a good idea, since the characters can be well-drawn and we can forget about the actors aging. The 20 years, which have passed, will leave their traces not only on the appearances of the actors, but also on the images that they may create. I am afraid the viewers will see something unexpected!The idea of an animated series is intriguing. Craig and I will talk about that and explore those possibilities.
Bridget UK I am with Jess — The Pretender changed my life too … I made a very special friend because of it and also re-started writing, which is so therapeutic and fun
Steve Mitchell I’m down to my last fan emailed questions – luckily she only had 235.
Lisa K Being the geek that I am, I love all the new technology. But, that’s just me.
Miss Bougainvillea @Jess Guillet & @Bridget UK > have you written your “friendship” story for the website?
Steve Mitchell Bridget – you must then write us a short story about your friendship built on TP and share it with us in that section of the website
Miss Bougainvillea hahahaha ๐Ÿ˜€ great minds think alike…
Jess Guillet No @miss bougainvillea but I know two people who write the article of AMAZING and funky girls
Steve Mitchell Jess – I am forever in your debt for what you are secretly doing for lcv – XO
Ruben The final ending you have in store for the Pretender, is that the same ending that was intended for the TV series or is it a new ending for the novels?
Bridget UK Miss B — I believe my friend, Karen ,from has written our story
Steve Mitchell Ruben – the same
Laurette @jess who are you talking about? ๐Ÿ™‚
Vania You can submit your friendship stories here: Thousand Friendships
DelphineR I love this answer!!!!!!!
Steve Mitchell Hi Laurette
Skye I wonder are there any other kids that are fans of the pretender?
Jess Guillet Laurette I talk about you and Julie lol
Mary Palma The Pretender gave us so much .. I started to make a doll,months ago Jarod is ok, miss Miss P.. The Pretender inspires our creativity!
Steve Mitchell From Kate Galdina KATE: Hello, Steve!Hello Kate!
Laurette Hi Steve ๐Ÿ™‚
Rym Steve: Everytime Jarods meets someone who met one of his parents, this person says “he/she was looking for his/her son Jarod”… But never Kyle. Why is that?
Steve Mitchell KATE: Why do Miss P, Sydney and Daphne, knowing what they know about the Centre, still work there?Miss Parker wears emotional blinders that were fashioned and fitted by her fatherโ€™s actions as she grew up. Sydney is torn. He has had his head in the sand for so long regarding Jarod that he has been in a whirlwind of denial most of his life. AT the point in the story where Jarod leaves he is further torn and driven by guilt, hope, and the misguided thought that being inside the Centre may be the best way for him to protect Jarod and to survive. Daphne is a mystery. She knows much more than she lets on and has long term plans for her place within the Centre and in the lives of many of her associates โ€“ especially Miss Parker.
Laurette haha I know Jess
Steve Mitchell I bet there are Skye – I wonder if we couldn’t put a section together in the G.I.F.T. for the youngest fans to have their own space.
Jess Guillet @stevenMitchell you can count on me and my two friends … the three musketeers are at your services LOL
Steve Mitchell Rym, it’s because Craig wrote those scenes and he drinks a lot
Rym @Skye, I know several kids loving TP. (they don’t really have a choice, but that’s irrelevant)
Steve Mitchell KATE: Will we see moments when Miss Parker outsmarts Jarod? I think it will be fun to see her finally capturing him, being happy or even getting a top spot in the Tower, and maybe realizing that what she did was wrong. I would personally also like to see more instances of Miss P using her talents to track Jarod and not just relying on the technological stuff and Daphne or Broots. In the series it was mostly Broots trackig him down and then Miss Parker rather did the physical part of the hunt. So it was very refreshing to see her go to O’Quinn and doing her thing or on that Maglev train in the “Saving Luke” novel – I really enjoyed it.First Iโ€™m glad you liked what she did in Saving Luke. It is fun to have her active and in the novels it is much easier to do. We have plans to see her much more involved and out in the field as The Pretender Novels continue and she is a driving force you will just love in Shattered Doll and the other Young Miss Parker Novels.
Rym Lol Steve!
Steve Mitchell Here’s a good one: KATE: Has Miss P ever killed anyone on a Centre mission? It was really interesting to see as this girl power figure in the series, who was very tough and would hunt people down, but I really loved the moment in “A Stand-Up Guy”, where she told her dad she was not an assassin and didn’t want to kill Lyle until he almost killed her. I guess a lot of fans would not like to learn that she was a cold-blooded murderer, though it is rather understandable if she killed someone in self-defense.Good question and one that you will gain much more insight into when the first Miss Parker novel Shattered Doll comes out.

KATE: Thank you in advance and thank you for doing what you are doing with the return of the Pretender!

Thank you for being such a great fan!

Frenchick10 *spolers*
Steve Mitchell And last but not least from the fan emailed questions: Marilyn Underwood from Arkansas, who recently sent me an incredible recipe for Yeast Rolls asks: What ever happened to the Jarod clone from the end of season 3. What was his name?I’m sure someone here knows the answer to that.
Frenchick10 Sorry *spoilers* for those who haven’t read the book yet… just in case…
Steve Mitchell its also a spoiler regarding the yeast rolls cause they are so damn good they are going on the site asap. I can’t believe I answered all those questions – except for the name of the clone.
Rym Thanks, Steve.
Vicky Congrats for answering all the questions!
Bridget UK You’re an absolute star, Steve .. TY
DelphineR Thanks <3!
Vania Thank you Steve
Steve Mitchell so I am good for 22 minutes if you have more, if not I will just read what you guys say and search for the name of the clone
Mallory Thanks Steve- and everyone who submitted questions!
simtec thanks steve. I thought so….(TINMAN definitely had the potential to run many seasons)
Mary Palma thank you so much,Steve!!
Anne Thanks Steve!
Steve Mitchell Tinman still does –
Ruben What role did nepotism play in mP’s rise in the Centre ranks?
Rym Steve: is there another clone alive?
Lisa K You’re awesome, Steve!!!
Bridget UK I want to know, if Craig drinks a lot .. will you be trying out your rhubarb wine on him? LOL
Steve Mitchell Ruben – I will not spoil Shattered Doll but we deal with that very question in there – lets just say it was both a blessing and a curse
Vicky Is there a link between Carthis and Rennes-le-Chรขteau, in France?
Miss Bougainvillea aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Jess Guillet I have to go, it was a pleasure to spend a little cuckoo France. Pamper yourself kisses everyone very soon I hope
Steve Mitchell We will have to see with the wine – he’s a scotch and vodka man.
Skye Will miss parker ever find peace and happiness? Is it possible for someone who has had a sad and painful past childhood (likemymom) to ever get past that and live a peaceful future?
Steve Mitchell Bye Jess. Vicky – there is at least a thematic one
Bridget UK I will find a potato whisky recipe for him, Steve
Vicky @SteveMitchell: thought so. The two churches are too similar… ๐Ÿ˜€
Steve Mitchell Skye – I hope so. I think that there is a place of peace for everyone – for some it is more challenging than others to reach. I’m sure your mom feels it when she looks into your eyes.Potato whiskey – sounds wonderful

What was the ruling on illustrations on the new characters?

Lisa K @SteveMitchell: Question about the actors – who was the silliest one on set between takes, and who was the most serious?
Rym Are they any news about Rebirth’s french title?
Skye Maybe I know she feels it when she watches The Pretender and rereads Rebirth and Saving Luke. I have you to thank for those moments of peace and happiness and for that I will b forever grateful Thanks Steve and Craig for those moments
Steve Mitchell Slliest was probably Jon G who was always fun (or Richard Marcus – who is nothing like Mr. R). Most serious – that’s a tough one. AP was always amazingly prepared. Patrick – was often on a slightly different rhythm. MTW had his own method which was very focused.Rym before you joined us the group told me they would send me the title and that Craig and I had little to say about it.
Andea What an honor to send you this message SteveMitchell !! Thank you so so much for creating an amazing tvshow with wonderful actors !! I am 25 years old and loyal since 1998, I can’t imagine my life withou TP !!! it brings me too much happiness :):) !!! Could you tell us a funny anecdote about MTW on the set ?
Rym Team #Le Camรฉlรฉon : Renaissance
Lisa K ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks! Sort of what I expected after listening to the commentaries on the DVD’s, but didn’t know that about Richard. Very interesting!
Vicky Le Camรฉlรฉon : Renaissance
DelphineR Yes Renaissance its great
Laurette Renaissance
Steve Mitchell Thank you Andea. Story about MTW?โ€ฆ The trouble I could get into…
Rym But not solo, please… Not just “Renaissance”.
Vicky @SteveMitchell: We’ll protect you!
Lisa K Then, you’ve GOT to spill it, Steve.
Steve Mitchell Like I said Rym – they told me I have no say. Ok I have one.
jarodsafehouse71 I’ve been trying Lisa but no go ๐Ÿ™
Ruben How does the Centre keep former employees under control? Making sure they stay silent.
Muhammed i have suggested renaissance ๐Ÿ™‚ but rym doesn’t agree
Steve Mitchell MTW had a way of ‘not reading the scripts’
jarodsafehouse71 Can you elaborate on that Steve?
Vania how so @SteveMitchell?
Steve Mitchell so we one day got a call about an episode where he was thrilled with the guest star –
Miss Bougainvillea @Muhammed actually many people before you have suggested that title
Frenchick10 “they” told me i have no say?
SteveMitchell and he suggested we expand the story to give hims romance with her.
Frenchick10 Who? PTBs?
Muhammed Bougainvillea: thx i didn’t know
Rym Renaissance + The Vitruvian Man on the cover ? That’s an boook about art in France.
Miss Bougainvillea ๐Ÿ˜‰
Vania lol
Steve Mitchell Of course we had already shot 6 days of the episode and all of their other scenes together – but MTW had no idea.
DelphineR Rym: loooool!!!
Vicky LOL!
Steve Mitchell Don’t tell him I told yu that – I’m sure he’d denie it. but it is true.
Lisa K LOL!!!
Christina Lol steve i can see where this is going. And hi everyone
Muhammed Let’s do a poll about the name on the site and let decide fan
Lisa K Thanks Steve. Our lips are sealed. ๐Ÿ˜€
Steve Mitchell Running a tv show is like running a circus.
Vicky Who was that guest star? If you can say, that is.
simtec good way to get a date as an actor?
Andea haha thank you Steve ! MTW seems to be really cool !
Christina Who was the guest star steve?
Rym for the poll. (club des 5 : bring your friends!!)
Steve Mitchell I know Jonny G mentioned this in his interviews but Patrick would sometime – right before the camera would roll – he would lean over to Jon and ask what the scene they were shooting was about?
Christina Lol the 3 musketeers ๐Ÿ™‚
Steve Mitchell Christina – it was the girl who was in the shower. It was right after they shot that scene that he called.
Vania that’s so funny
Christina Hey steve where is your partner in crime?
Lisa K Steve – what character’s actor did you have the most fun tormenting throughout the series? Ha! Parole!!! That’s what I’m watching when we’re finished. ๐Ÿ™‚
Steve Mitchell We decided I would do this chat on my own – and he would do the next all by himself as well. Parole! Thats was the one.
Miss Bougainvillea CVS… all by himself… O-M-G
CCarolinee Hi TP family ๐Ÿ™‚
Skye Do you have any gag reels or outtakes?
Miss Bougainvillea Hi CCarolinee
Steve Mitchell Don’t let him lie about me
Lisa K Miss B – indeeed!!!
Steve Mitchell Sorry SKye we don’t.
Frenchick10 ๐Ÿ™‚
Christina Ah. Has to be the episode where jarod was a convect and sydney’s son’s adoptive father died
Mary Palma Jarod in crossover with The Profiler was very hot! Where was his shyness? ๐Ÿ˜€
Steve Mitchell Most of the funny things that happened were when the actors were serious and we weren’t
CCarolinee I have got to catch up and rewatch tp eps…
Steve Mitchell Well when you meet the star(s) from the Profiler your shyness goes right out the window.
Christina Profiler series had bad ending. They didnt get a proper finale either. Just left it with the profiler going to jail
Skye Ok I have to go but if I think of any more I will b sure to tweet them to u!
Lisa K Chrstina – yes, that’s the one. l found out (at age 51) that I am adopted, so this epi always resonated with me for some reason before that revelation….and you can imagine now why it’s one of my favorites.
Steve Mitchell Bye SKye! Give your mom a hug for me.
Andea How came the idea of calling the main role Jarod?
Christina Hey steve did mtw complain about having those huge fake tats all over his chest for a 5 second scene? Lol
Skye I will!
Mary Palma yes,I know Christina..But Jarod has partnered with Rachel ^ _ ^
Steve Mitchell Jarod’s name just was the name that popped into our heads when we started talking.
Christina Lisa -aww thats sweet ๐Ÿ™‚
Steve Mitchell no he had no problem with the tats.
Rym Does this name have a signification?
Bridget UK I don’t like tats … but on Jarod, I made an exception LOL
Steve Mitchell Okay – I think I survived this whole thing! You guys are wonderful and I’m thankful that you shared this time with me.
Christina Lol neither did I slm
jarodsafehouse71 Thanks so much for spending this time with us Steve!
Steve Mitchell Don’t make me blush Christina
Bridget UK Thank you Steve! We love you!
Andea what happened to Brigitte’s baby when she died ?
Frenchick10 Thank you Steve!
Vania Thank you for your time as well. It was wonderful having you chatting with us.
Steve Mitchell Rym – it does now!
Mallory This was fun!
Lisa K You are the best!!! Don’t tell Craig we said so. ๐Ÿ˜€
Vicky Thank you, Steve!
Steve Mitchell We shall do it again.
Miss Bougainvillea Thank you Steve ๐Ÿ™‚
Christina Glad i caught you steve. I stopped pestering you with emails so you could focus on writing lol
Steve Mitchell and come visit the G.I.F.T.
Rym Thanks for everything Steve. Have a great Sunday.
Mallory Thanks for sharing all these great answers- we all really appreciate it!!
Lenka Thanks alot Steve. Cheers
Mary Palma thanks for listening and answering our crazy questions
Andea Merci beaucoup ๐Ÿ™‚ !! thank you for that moment !!
shadowKate Thanx
Anne Thanks Steve! That was fun.
Steve Mitchell Hi Kate! Bye Kate! Bye everyone!

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