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the red file project

#39 Pedro
thank you Pedro


Steven Long Mitchell:

Ok, so the last letter in this red notebook is one that I – it might be my favorite one. It’s from Pedro, in Lisbon, and his question is ‘so what is the Pretender?’ and that is not an easy answer. He talks about how the character means so much for everyone in the show and the books but how it also meant so much to the fans. And Craig and I are very humbled by the fact that everyone has responded so well, that something from our heart touched something in your hearts and we’re very thrilled by that. But the last … answer is in the last line of his letter is the one that really kind of thrilled me and it says “so what is the Pretender? The Pretender is a bit of all of us. It’s in the soul of every fan and it always will be.”

And Pedro signs off with “a giant hug from Pedro” and Pedro, here’s a giant hug back from me and basically to all the fans. You guys have made the Pretender what it is and we hope to just keep, you know, earning your respect and these wonderful gifts like this one in the red notebook that you’ve given us all.

Thank you so much.


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the red file project

A project made from the fans of the Pretender, after the announcement that the Pretender would be back. On the anniversary of the Pretender, on September 19th 2013, the fans gave us this amazing file, containing art, letters, and we were thrilled with the love we received. Now it’s time to thank them back.

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