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the red file project

#26 Roxy
thank you Roxy


Craig Van Sickle:

Hi, it’s Craig with another red notebook shoutout. This one is for Roxy in Italy, and Roxy I loved your memories of watching the Pretender when you were 11 years old with your 3 sisters and brother and the laughter you guys shared and all the jarodisms and the elements of the show that you guys remembered and how that always brings those memories back that makes us feel great to hear that. Especially your line at the end from the show “trust can kill you or set you free” and Steve and I really genuinely appreciate you guys trusting us and we’re hoping to bring you years and years of more Pretender and more memories for your families as you grow up and for everybody.

So thanks so much for sharing us and we’ll talk to you soon I hope. Thanks Roxy.

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the red file project

A project made from the fans of the Pretender, after the announcement that the Pretender would be back. On the anniversary of the Pretender, on September 19th 2013, the fans gave us this amazing file, containing art, letters, and we were thrilled with the love we received. Now it’s time to thank them back.

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