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the red file project

#19 Jacci
thank you Jacci


Steven Long Mitchell:

Ok so the next one and I want to show you a picture of this, it’s called the vitruvian labrat. And when that piece of artwork came in and I saw it, it just blew my mind, I love it.

This is by Jacci and it says, “Everytime I look at this, made many years ago, I now think of you two sneaky rats. Thank you just doesn’t cover it. There is simply no way to measure the long-standing impact the Pretender has had on so many of us, how much pleasure it has delivered and continued to do so long after it was ‘finished’. Craig and Steve, thank you so much for such an incredible show, and wonderful story! Looking forward to diving back into that amazing Universe you have created, and thank you for being so generous with your time and your Pretenderselves with Rebirth” – and we will say with Saving Luke, even though it just says Rebirth – “, it has been an incredible and exciting experience. Long live and Pretenderize.”

Jacci runs one of the Centre annexes. Hers is down under in Sydney and she is pretty amazing. I won’t tell you all the secret things that Jacci does but I know, but everybody else knows her and loves her and she too is a big part of this Pretender family and thank you so much Jacci.

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the red file project

A project made from the fans of the Pretender, after the announcement that the Pretender would be back. On the anniversary of the Pretender, on September 19th 2013, the fans gave us this amazing file, containing art, letters, and we were thrilled with the love we received. Now it’s time to thank them back.

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  1. jacci

    Thank you so much Steve for your kind words and for returning to us what we all love so much, and making it such fun along the way.

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