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the red file project

#15 Kylie
thank you Kylie


Steven Long Mitchell:

Ok, so the next one on this Red Notebook parade is Kylie, “Onyssius”, aka Kylie, and Kylie says “thank you for the many years of memories with friends and family as I grew up” – hmmm, that makes me feel old. Anyhow, “the show was amazing and had, and it still does, a way of bringing people together. I have made lifelong friends from the show and you have touched a lot of hearts, minds and imagination. Thank you all for your hard work and for belief in the show and its fans.” And that’s signed Onyssius, aka Kylie.

And what I’d like to say is Kylie is wonderful. Kylie actually was someone who really surprised us with some artwork that ended up being the covers of the first couple of novels. And we’ll talk more about her and you can see her, there’s a section where we interview her in the GIFT section. Thank you Kylie, you’ve made a great contribution to this and we couldn’t have done that without you

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the red file project

A project made from the fans of the Pretender, after the announcement that the Pretender would be back. On the anniversary of the Pretender, on September 19th 2013, the fans gave us this amazing file, containing art, letters, and we were thrilled with the love we received. Now it’s time to thank them back.

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