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the red file project

#1 Christian
thank you Christian


Craig Van Sickle:

Hi everybody! Another redbook shoutout. This time to Christian. Christian, loved your killer, one page graphic novel, starts with Raines blowing up, Miss Parker wondering why the heck he won’t die… but what I love is the details: the books behind him on the shelf, you’ve have Dracula right next to the Holy Bible and what’s sitting there on the counter but a picture of AB negative blood. How brilliant is that? Great work! And I’m not saying that Raines is a vampire, but let’s face it, his family tree didn’t grow too far away from Transylvania, I guarantee you that. Thanks again man. Be well everybody! Talk to you next time.

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the red file project

A project made from the fans of the Pretender, after the announcement that the Pretender would be back. On the anniversary of the Pretender, on September 19th 2013, the fans gave us this amazing file, containing art, letters, and we were thrilled with the love we received. Now it’s time to thank them back.

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  1. Jacci

    Love this Redfile, nicely done! Are we going to see any more?

  2. Thanks so much, ladies! I’m not sure about there being more comics but I would love to do some cartoon drawings featuring The Pretender characters. I have to determine what Jarod would look like drawn in my style. Mr. Parker would be easy. He’s basically an intimidating and deadly version of the Monopoly gentleman.

  3. Alex

    This reminds me of a bazooka gum comic. Truly unique and
    worthwhile project here if more can be made. As important
    and interesting as the other pretender works currently being
    done in my opinion. Would like the book or framed!
    P.S. Raines is hilarious in this! I can’t tell what he need more,
    a fire extinguisher or a liter of beano 🙂

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