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1These are pages from a ‘proof of concept’ one- shot comic I did with my beautiful and talented better half, the incomparable Jenna Busch, for a series based on the early 2000’s television hit, “The Pretender”.

Steven Long Mitchell and Craig W. Van Sickle, the creators of the show, are also dear friends and they asked JB and I if we could help them with some ideas for a comic series/ graphic novel based on “The Pretender” mythology. We were happy to help.

Jenna, (“The blonde Ms. Parker”), wrote a great, ten page story and I illustrated and lettered the pages. Steve and Craig loved it and the response by the Pretender fan base was fantastic… always a good sign.

Jenna’s slated to write the series once Steve and Craig work out all the particulars- which might take a while, since they’re the only two people I know who are busier than Jen and I.

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