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The Centre Data  Annexes

The Centre Annexes, while controlled and operated as individual entities, they all answer to the Centre, and ultimately to the Triumvirate. Each Annex serves the PTBs in their own way, and most of their work is shrouded in secrecy and will never be fully known.

Annex Locations worldwide.

Centre Annex

Here is a list of some of the known Centre Annexes. Their stated purposes may be a cover for more nefarious plots and schemes. Enter them at your own risk. Divulge nothing of what you learn or you may be placed under a Schedule 7 and ghosted.

Centre Annex Down Under
tpc Centre Annex Down Under | | Location: Sydney, Australia Operatives: Jacci & Onisius
Activated: 2005
Archivist of all things Pretender
Host of Missing Pieces fanfiction archiveCentre Annex HQ
Code Expert
Centre Annex Portugal
refuge Centre Annex Portugal | | Location: Lisbon, Portugal
Operatives: Vania @vaniaaraujo
Activated: 2000
Monitors Jarod through all social media
Advertising and social media expert
Centre Annex Safe House
 jsh Centre Annex Safe House | | Location: Georgia, USA
Operatives: Karen @jarodsafehouse
Activated: 1999
Safe House for all Centre employees
Keeper of Jarod’s files
Centre Annex France
 caf Centre Annex France | | Location: France
Operatives: Cobrate
Activated: 2006
Collector of all Centre Personnel news
Information keeper and developer
Centre Annex Cologne
 cologne Centre Annex Cologne | | Location: Cologne, Germany
Operatives: James Barthel
Activated: 1998
Mr. Lyle’s office when not in Delaware
German HQ
Centre Annex Frogtown
 phq Centre Annex Frogtown | | Location: CaliforniaOperatives: Jill aka Mac
Activated: 1996
The fun annex, and the oldest one too
RPG source
Centre Annex Moscow
 moscow Centre Annex Moscow | | Location: Russia
Operatives: Mistra.Vbkesha
Activated: 2006
Russian base for the search of Jarod
Keeps updated log in the forums
Centre Annex Western Australia
 ruby Centre Annex Western Australia | | Location: Perth, Australia
Operatives: Ruby Trinity
Activated: 2007
Pretender Fanfiction & Graphics
Centre Annex Wiki
 wiki Centre Annex Wiki | | Location: Pennsylvania, USA
Operatives: Christy & Antoinette @frustratedtpfan
Activated: 2008
Monitoring Jarod’s moves 24/7
Collector of all news about the Pretender data wiki for all Centre Operatives
Centre Annex of the Hidden Codes
 ap Annex Hidden Codes | | Location: France
Operatives: Julie and Laurette
Activated: 2012
Where all the hidden Centre codes are
Dedicated to “Miss Parker”

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