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In the tale of the Pretender, Young Jarod was taken against his will and held away from the world by forces larger than he was. Yet during his captivity, he never gave up hope that his fate would be freedom one day – to return to the world to continue the amazing journey we call life.

The story here is very similar. A little over a decade ago, forces larger than tP and for reasons that really don’t matter, made a decision that kept the saga of tP locked away from the world – just like Jarod was.

We know loyal fans were disappointed and yes, so were we. There was so much more to tP that all of you wanted to know and that we wanted to explore.

But there is good news.

Just like Jarod who, after decades of confinement, finally escaped the Centre and ran away to be free, so too has tP itself. After being locked away for so many years, tP is finally free to return to the world and continue life’s adventure.

As fate would have it, we have regained the rights to give tP the Rebirth it deserves. We can now reinvigorate tP for as long as you want – and no one can ever lock it or Jarod away again.

After thinking long and hard about the best way to bring the tP back, we’ve come up with several different ways to reawaken our much-loved saga for both faithful fans and new fans alike.

First, tP will be reborn as a series of novels enabling us to delve much deeper into the characters’ hearts, minds, souls, and lives in a more revealing way that the limitations of a weekly TV series could never allow for.

Second, we’ll add graphic novels to the mix, fleshing out even more provocative details of the early years of Jarod, Miss P, The Centre and much more, leading to…

Third, be it cable/broadcast TV, a Netflix model series and/or a series of Pretender feature films – tP will then be taken to a whole new level with familiar faces and new characters as well.

You have always been loyal to tP and we want you to know that we’ll always be loyal to you.

The Pretender has found freedom – and an amazing journey into life is about to begin again!

The Rebirth of The Pretender will blow your mind.

Steven Long Mitchell

Craig W. Van Sickle

Los Angeles, CA

July 2013

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