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A few months ago, Steve & Craig decided to come back with Rebirth, making thousands of the Pretender fans happy. One part of their comeback was to go ‘all social media’. That’s how thanks to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and some weird coincidences, Erica, Margaux and Nathalie met, united by their common interest for “the Pretender”. In the middle of all this, they started tweeting to each other and they soon noticed they had much more in common than just a TV show, like their sense of humor, their love for proper French… Time passed by since then, but they never stopped writing to each other. On the contrary, they check up on each other almost every day. If one of them is feeling sad, the others always manage to make her smile. “The Pretender adventure” or how three girls living hundreds of kilometers apart met people they would never have been able to meet in real life, discovering amazing friends in the two others. – Erica



Once upon a time, on a NEM* island…

So… you want me to tell you a story, a story about friendship? Tricky. Or maybe not that tricky. I do have one in mind. I think it all started on July 19th, 2013 at a twitter party. I mean THE twitter party. What do you mean there is no such thing as a twitter party? Of course there is, and it was amazeballs, cos’ I got to meet people from all around the world, without leaving my couch or my PJs. Anyway, it all began with small jokes, the kinds that are clever enough for me to think ‘Interesting, let’s play with words’. Cos’ of course that’s what I like to do… the art of ‘joute verbale’, or verbal joust for you my international friends. I thought I was the only one to master this skill. I was wrong. So yes, I met a lot of people that night, and among them, Erica & Margaux. We chatted, we laughed, and we went into fangirling mode… And it didn’t stop just there. During the following weeks and even months, we learnt a lot about each other, we discovered our many qualities, and our not so many flaws, cos’ of course we’re perfect and very modest too. No, more seriously, we talk pretty much every day, about everything and anything, we laugh, we support each other, we listen to each other. Distance doesn’t matter. We’re always there for each other, as true friends would be. And because fate made things easy for us, even though we had 3! possibilities (yes, I studied math a long time ago), we decided to call ourselves the NEMs. Well I decided. But it was an undivided vote. I know we could have gone with MEN (yes there are 3 of us, yes we are very wise despite our young age but mostly, we’re not guys), but as we do like Asian food (and not just food it seems), we went with NEM. Cos’ yeah we’re a bit crazy, mostly funny, living life hard & fast, and enjoying moments of bliss. And as time pass by, our friendship gets stronger, no word can describe the feelings discovered.   The chick with the gun. Shoots to kill. Mostly verbally.   *popular dish in Vietnamese cuisine

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