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Oct 15, 20130 comments

Centre Cosplay

There is only one week left to sign up for this year’s Halloween Costume Contest!

Photo submissions must be received for approval before the 25th or you will not be eligible to win The Centre’s most coveted title as the COSPLAYER OF THE YEAR!

Winners and runners up will be published in next month’s News LetterWinners and runners up will be published in next month’s News Letter!

EMAIL your pics

(Note: By order of the PTB’s there are to be NO bald caps or air tanks this year.)

Also, be careful what finger foods you accept from Mr. Lyle while trick or treating by his office. We all know what happened to Marcia from Accounting last year!

The Centre’s Most Wanted

Have you seen this cat?

Another recent sighting proves that the stray Tomcat known affectionately as Spike is still wandering the grounds and hallways (and dare we think the air vents?) of the Centre.

Please don’t be fooled by his affectionate name.

Spike is feral and could very well be dangerous.

If you see this creature please don’t feed or attempt to touch it. Just call CentPestCon at extension 2111.

As many of you know Mr. Zane is allergic to cat dander and when he visits Spike’s essence in the air is driving him nuts.

A $25 gift card to KFC has been offered by the Centre Entertainment Office for information leading to the capture of this pestilent feline.

Remember, we are all in this eradication fight together.

Moscow Annex News

Not 5 weeks after the above sighting of Jarod. Annex operatives Kesha and Catherine, report seeing Jarod taking a meeting with Edward Snowden again – this time at a Bolshoi ballet performance of Swan Lake – which according to email intercepts is ES’s favourite.

Audio surveillance was complicated by a combination of the music, especially the famous leitmotif known as the Swan’s Theme (or as Eddie prefers, Song of the Swan), and an electronic scrambling device (thank you J) so the tech team is not positive what was said between the two.

But maybe it had something to do with what Mr. B’s boys have recently located – a Trojan within the NSA’s PRISM program that seem to keep Jarod’s face invisible to any facial recognition system on a global scale. (Wonder how it got there?)

Annex employees around the world are reminded to please keep your eyes peeled for the Pretender.

Sub-Level Love

Congratulations to Vania, (head of The Centre Airfleet) and Pedro, (newly promoted onto Miss Parker’s personal sweeper team – not too shabby P) on their upcoming nuptials.

The couple met several years ago at the semi-annual Triumvirate Day Picnic – (the Zulu themed one with the bon fire accident). Pedro says he saw her through the falling embers and knew it was love at first sight. But Vania had lost her glasses in the melee so the feeling wasn’t mutual until they were replaced a few days later. And the rest is just another in the long line of Centre love stories.

Their wedding will take place in Lisbon on October 19th.

Everyone be sure to send Miss Parker an email thanking her for the whole DAY off she gave Pedro for their honeymoon! We’re sure they’ll put it to good use!

(We cannot wait for the two of you to supply us with the newest Centre Genius. Lord willing he will have Miss V’s looks!)

n interoffice memo entitled “Fired vs. Terminated: How a quick proof read can prevent tragedy.”

If you have not done so already, please read and email HR when finished. Feel free to include any questions you may have.

Finally, we would like to announce that the winner of this month’s team trivia contest is the Aquarium Cleaners. They clearly know more than just wet works. Hope everyone has a fabulous month.

Until next time, CW-HR.

Employee Highlight

The Centre is happy to welcome renowned culinary master Phillipe Van der Mussele as the new chef for the Sub-Level Commissary South.

The Centre is happy to welcome renowned culinary master Phillipe Van der Mussele as the new chef for the Sub-Level Commissary South.

After an intense apprenticeship at Guylian, Belgium born Chef Phillipe refined his craft in some of the finest restaurants in his native city of Bruges – ‘the Venice of the North’. He refers to his style of cooking as “grounded in classic old school Flemish techniques.” When asked if the Centre Employees can expect decadent waffles and thick cut fries he scoffed, snapped to and handed us the daily specials for the upcoming week (see below). Although no one on the writing staff has heard of any of his delightfully named dishes, Sydney has sampled the new menu specials and had two words to describe what we can expect them to be, “Verrrrrrrry good!”

NOTE: For those who are concerned by this change of Gastronomic direction – please note that we heard your concerns loud and clear and Catherine Parker’s Famous Peach Cobbler is now, and will always remain, on the menu.

This week’s menu is as follows:

“Sweetbreads and Sheep’s Feet”
Limited quantities – first come first serve

A Stew that’s a Soup
(A Flander’s favorite)

Paling in’t Groen
“A fishmongers delight”

Gentse Waterzooi
“The Soup that’s a Stew”

with special treat




Saving Luke

saving luke

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