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Who’s team will you be playing for? Good or evil? Jarod or the Centre? 

Pick your side, follow Jarod or characters from the Centre, and voice your opinions on each article based on each team you’re playing for. If you are a Pretender fan and you end any scenario in the top 5, you can win a Pretender t-shirt!

To start playing, just go to and register for a free account. You can pick whatever nickname you’d like, no need to be associated with the Pretender.

To join one of the teams, you need to follow the characters of the side you’ll be playing for (the Centre or Jarod) and pay attention to their comments, messages and Buzzes. This will give you insider knowledge that will help you get ahead in the game – Team Jarod will tip you off on the “good” agenda, while Team Centre will tip you off on the “bad” agenda.


The Teams and Who to Follow

The Centre ( players, aka “the bad guys” need to be the leaders on each argument. Follow each player and send them private messages, so they can fill you in. Don’t forget, any info from these players is “For Centre Use Only!”





Jarod needs to be leading the arguments on each scenarios. Will you follow him and message him for more insights?




More info about Media Wars here


Pretender T-Shirt Contest Rules:

1. Only one t-shirt per player will be awarded through playing on

2. The t-shirts are limited in both layouts and size (sorry, no returns or exchanges are available).

3. To win the prize, your character needs to be following at least 2 characters from the team you are playing for (either the Centre, like “MsParker”, “MrLyle,” or “MrParker,” or Jarod’s team).

4. This game starts on March 10 and ends on March 26 2015.

5. The winner(s) have to end any active scenario in the top 5.

6. Once the game finishes, if you are in the top 5, send an email to with the subject “Media Wars T-shirt Contest,” and provide your details (name+address+size+character name on media wars) with a print screen of your follow list.

7. Comment, vote, post buzzes, and most importantly – have fun!




Update: No winners this time. The top 5 didn’t fulfill all the requirements. Stay tuned for our next contest!

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