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Global Interactive Fandom Think Tank


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Friendship Stories

Our fans are the greatest. We’ve been receiving submissions to be featured on our “A Thousand Friendships” section and we love them!

We have updated the webpage with stories from Miss Parker (the one and only!), Vania, Mallory and Pedro. We invite you all to go check them out and send in your own Pretender friendship stories.

Welcome to the G.I.F.T.

The Global Interactive Fandom Think Tank is open... And it's all because of you. Welcome to our newest Pretender Universe initiative, the GIFT!  We have been constantly blown away by the myriad talents and achievements of the fandom, so it only seemed natural to...


Once you have registered for GIFT at, head over to Worlds Without End and enter for your chance to win one of five autographed copies of #SavingLuke! Contest ends Monday, so don't miss out!     #thepretenderlives

G.I.F.T. Code of Conduct

We are a productive, fun community that welcomes new ideas, works hard to add to the tP experience, builds upon the talents and skills of the members, and fosters collaboration on projects with a variety of needs, interests and abilities.

Operation Red File

Operation Red File. The 1st fan oriented project was a success. If you’ve been a part of this special project, and even if you didn’t, don’t miss the follow up videos, where the creators thank all of the fans for their amazing submissions.


The Books

Saving Luke

saving luke



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    Thanks- love this. I always remember to watch s2e1 Halloween episode every year! Now, I’ve got to read the books!

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