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“It’s been great meeting Steve and Craig and I’m honored that I’ve had the chance to be a part of The Pretender family. All of you guys have been amazing and so supportive with Another Man’s Gun. Jon and I cannot thank you enough and we are so glad we have been able to share our little dream with such great people.”
Derek Walker

Follow Derek and Jon on Twitter:  @Jongries,  @AnotherMansGun Jon Gries on The Note Show Jon Gries on Newsbradio Crowdfunding tips AMG WAMG Interview Reddit transcript On 1/18/2014, The Pretender Lives hosted special guests Jon Gries (Director) and Derek Walker (Writer) for a live chat about their new movie, Another Man’s Gun. In the follow up video, these Friends of The Pretender answered burning fan questions about this unique Western.

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