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Fan Jenjen, asks Jon to explain the character development for Broots.

tPd: JenJen asks what kind of work did you put into Broots’ character development?

Jon: I would say, with respect to Broots, it was a different experience for me as far as building a character. One- it was an ongoing thing so there was a constant evolution but I would say, more than usual in the past when I arrived, since I’ve been creating characters, it was really centered specifically in the relationships with the cast, because I, you know, there was so much hidden, there was so much that wasn’t there, that I needed to fill in those blanks and I certainly wasn’t getting all the answers from Steven Long Mitchell and Craig Van Sickle. So I had to do a little bit of my own imagination building the relationships. Interesting stories I could tell… Maybe…

Fan question 2

Q: Johnny, Miss Parker was always bullying you on the set, so I’m wondering if Andrea Parker intimidates you in real life.   Jon: Kim, Miss Parker wasn’t bullying me on set, that was part of our relationship. Is that what being in an abusive relationship is like because I thought she loved me.

Jon Gries tells Julie secrets about why Broots stayed at the Centre

Julie: Hi guys, I have 2 questions for Broots. What is the story of Broots before he arrives at the Centre and why does he want to stay in the Centre. Bye.   Jon: Julie, au revoir! Why? First I’m going to answer the second question. Why did Broots stay? Because Broots was afraid to leave, but then in time I think he thinks he is going to fix the place. He is going to make the place right, he has the power inside to make the place right ’cause he knows everything. He is also afraid to leave as I said. The part about Broots that lead to him getting into the Centre. He used to have special clearance in the military but he left to go work for private entities because that meant he was going to get paid more money. Unfortunately, he chose the Centre.

Was Broots the brains behind the Centre?

Q: Hey Johnny, was Broots really the brains behind the Centre? Jon: Coby, come on! Don’t ask me that question. Of course! Of course! They all had to come to him. That’s the number one clue. Everybody came to Broots. At the end of the day, Miss Parker came to Broots, Mr. Parker came to Broots, everybody came to Broots.

Jon Gries tells about the ‘Secret Meetings’ with the producers.

Brian: Hey Jon, it’s Brian here. I was wondering if you could tell us about the secret meetings that you’ve had with the producers. Jon: The secret meetings with the producers were incredible because it would usually revolve around where we were gonna go for lunch and what we were gonna eat. And whether or not I was gonna drive or somebody else was gonna drive. It was secret meetings.

Laurette asks if Jon has read The Pretender novels?

Laurette: Hi, I hope you’re all doing well. I want to take a moment to thank all of you to do this, as we are probably the luckiest fans in the world. Now I have a question for you Jon. How do you feel about the Rebirth of the Pretender? And have you read the book? Jon: Au revoir Laurette. It’s Jon. I’m gonna answer your question. I have read the book and I’m very excited about the Rebirth of the Pretender, particularly because Broots is going to play prominently. Even though he is not in the first book. It’s ok, I understand. I understand… you have to slow play these things, build them slowly. And then when they finally get there… oh yeah, it’s going to be good. So yes I did very much enjoyed the book and thank you for your question.

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