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Jan 15, 20150 comments

Annual Pet Adoption Day!

Who can resist to their cute little faces? Not even Miss Parker will resist this one!

Miss Mallory will be organizing this year’s Pet Adoption Day in the lobby on January 24th, with the aid of local animal shelters who are crowded with furry faces that would give everything to have a new friend in you. There will be cats, dogs, the occasional hamster, and possibly a few mutant hybrids that escaped from SL-21 last May. Mark your calendars and consider giving an animal a forever home!

If you can’t make it, there are many humane societies and shelters looking for warm-hearted animal lovers, just like you. For more information, you can start here:, but remember, adopt responsibly!

IT Security Training

Daphne will be giving online security certification training, for all you new employees. This includes personal social networks, so for those of you meeting online strangers in person (this includes your dating habits, Mr. Broots), this is for you! The class will be held in the Centre theatre at 2pm, on February 2nd.

Below are friendly reminders and some of the topics Daphne will be covering:

. Keep your passwords and all personal information to yourself (and not in a folder on your hard drive labeled “PASSWORDS”)
. Be wary of any suspicious emails you might get that appear to be sent from your bank. This scam called phishing can be used to obtain sensitive information such as passwords and credit cards. Copy and paste doubtful links is always good practice and always check the url.
. And no, Miss Naomi Surugaba doesn’t want to give you money. She wants your money instead!
. Your computer here at the Centre belongs to the company. It’s not your personal computer. Avoid saving private information, don’t leave the computer unattended, and clear your cookies – not the cookie jar, your internet cookies.

Many thanks,
Your IT Department

It’s Quiz Time…

If you dream of being the head of the IT department and you think you know everything about Mr. Broots, now it’s your time to prove it.

Click here to access the quiz. Cornelius will be proctoring to ensure there is no cheating and to verify that all answers are correct.

To gain points, please login with your username and password (or sign up to create a new one). If you get a perfect score, you will get the “I Ride a Bike to the Centre” achievement- who doesn’t want that???


Sign up today!

We’ve all seen Dr. Sydney taking care of his plant menagerie in the Centre Biodomes. Many have asked what his secret is to the pristine miniature trees, and he has finally agreed to teach a very special workshop on Bonsais.

Sydney will be helping you understand this intricate Japanese art and how to grow and keep these tiny trees in tip-top shape. Sign up today and don’t miss this chance! The workshop will be held 30 January at 3pm. Bring your own shaping materials… our extracurricular fund will supply free bonsais for everyone in attendance!

Happy Chinese New Year

For our friends in China, who are currently facing one of the most devastating economic and labour crisis ever, the New Year is not just the change of day on the calendar. It’s much more than that, and it lasts much longer than a ball drop on Times Square.

Of course the biggest celebration are the fireworks on New Year’s Eve, especially because fireworks are said to keep the evil away. But if you want to welcome the new year with a clean slate, you’d better clean your house (or your office, especially all you folks in SL-1… Brigitte has sent multiple complaints and frankly, we are tired of reading them) – it’s out with the old and on with the new!

New Year celebrations include Dancing Dragons around the 5th day of the new year. The dragon is a sign of prosperity, good luck and good fortune. Who wouldn’t want that?

Little known fact: legend has it that there was a wild beast that would come out at the end of each year. The villagers were attacked by the beast and would use loud noises and bright lights to scare it away.

The Festival of Lanterns marks the end of the celebrations, on the 15th day, with all types of lanterns being lit throughout the streets. Mr. Lyle will be in China for the whole month and will take part in all the festivities. We expect a full photo report!


Your immediate attention is required. Reporter Abigail Cross from NetNews has been sighted trespassing Centre property, trying to get statements from the Tower and illegal footage.

As some should probably know, this reporter has been investigating the stinger missiles that hit a plane in Switzerland, killing hundreds of civilians, in what was an horrendous attack that the Centre condemns.

We warn all employees that you are not to speak to any reporters and you must alert Sweeper Team 6 to any unauthorized personnel in Centre property immediately.




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