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Dec 11, 2015

Muddy Buddy Recipe

We all know SL-8 has the best snacks, so when inquiring minds sought to find out the source of these delectable delights, we looked no further than Felicity’s workspace to get the low down on a holiday treat.


  • 1 box Chex (or similar rice based cereal)
  • 1.5 cups semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • .75 cup peanut butter
  • .5 cup butter
  • 1.25 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 5 cups powdered sugar

Empty box of cereal into a large bowl.  In another bowl, microwave the chocolate chips, peanut butter, and butter until smooth.  Stir in vanilla extract.  Pour mixture over cereal, being careful not to over-mix.  Finally, add powdered sugar, and put in a plastic bag.  Shake to have the ingredients mix together, and enjoy!

Sydney’s Secret Santa and White Elephant Gift Exchange

While it’s true that the Psychogenic Research department is the only office at the Centre to have their holiday party while their Thanksgiving turkey is still edible, we were in for a treat with their annual gift exchange. Thank you to all who participated… we enjoyed the plethora of surprises this year (the shrunken head and the formaldehyde fingers notwithstanding…).  The goodies served at the dessert bar were excellent, as always, but the spiked egg nog caused some concern, especially under the mistletoe (office gossip is at quite a roar speculating on the identity of the mystery woman kissing Mr. Lyle).  The holidays are always a special time at the Centre, and this year certainly was no exception!

Urgent Memo from the Centre Annexes in France

Jarod has leaked a very important, highly confidential Centre communique from the French Annex, code-named

<<Le Caméléon: Renaissance. >>  

While the contents of this communiqué are highly confidential, we know that there are details of strategy and secret projects that could prove highly detrimental to the functioning of the Centre. 

We know that the document can be found on, so if you see a copy, please let your supervisor know immediately!

Desk Contest Winner

We are thrilled to announce that our website guru, Miss Jacci of the Tech Room, has won the desk contest we announced in our previous Centre Employees’ Newsletter. 

Her supervisor submitted her entry, which is attached, citing her excellent organizational skills and commitment to furthering the goals of the Centre as a rationale for this prestigious award. 

We are thrilled to present her with a personalized parking spot in the front lot of the Centre for the next year!  Congratulations!


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