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Do you have questions regarding G.I.F.T.? This is the right place! Read the FAQs and watch the video tutorials.

Contact us if you still have questions.

Creating and joining projects

How do I join G.I.F.T.?

To join G.I.F.T. simply follow this link. You can also find a registration link on the top menu (“Login”).Once you’re in that page, fill in your details (username, name, email and password). After that, you’ll get an email to activate your account. Click that link and welcome! All you need to do now is login with your details. register_details1

home loginregister_details1

I want to submit a new project. How do I do that?

That’s really easy. After you’ve joined G.I.F.T. community, you get access to the projects forum. Once there, just go under the Submit new project subforum and just create a new topic. That’s all you need. A moderator will then go over all projects and place them under the ongoing projects and make sure they are featured in the news section.

Can I join another member's project?

Of course and it’s encouraged! The only way our members will be able to finish their projects is if the community helps. So if you don’y have any project you’d like create right now, you can join an ongoing project and help develop it.  Browse the ongoing projects to see if there’s anything you like and start meeting new friends!

The GIFT Community

Can I change my password?

Sure you can. From your profile page, click setting and you’ll be taken to the change your password form. After you’ve written your new password, click save changes.

Remember: never share your passwords publicly!



How do I change my avatar?

Very simple! If you didn’t add an avatar when you joined, you can change that later on and whenever you want really. Just go to your profile, change avatar (you can access it from the top menu, on the right).




Can I share photos in the status?

Not yet.

Can I add friends?

Of course you can! You can do that by clicking the “members” list (you can find it on the top menu, under G.I.F.T.) and then clicking the “add friend” button on the right of each name.

That request will be pending until the other member accepts your friendship request.

To check all your friends, you can do so by clicking “Friends” on the top menu, under G.I.F.T. – My profile, or visiting your profile directly.

You can all join groups and add friends from within the groups.


Most important! Stay safe! The Internet can be a fun place but it’s also important to be aware of your privacy while you’re in the forums. Don’t give out any passwords or private details of yourself in here.


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