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tP Community Mission Statement

We are a productive, fun community that welcomes new ideas, works hard to add to the tP experience, builds upon the talents and skills of the members, and fosters collaboration on projects with a variety of needs, interests and abilities. We strive to be considerate, be respectful, be collaborative, take responsibility for our actions, ask for help if needed, value open discussion, work hard, and have fun. We gain strength from diversity, and actively seek participation from those who enhance it. This code of conduct exists to ensure that all collaboration exists to promote our mutual advantage and enjoyment. Most importantly, we strive to have fun while collaborating in each others projects. #thePretenderLives

Code of Conduct

By posting on the project forums and in this website, you should be considerate of this simple set of rules:

  • Be respectful. Be civil to each member at all times. We welcome discussion and debate but please be respectful and make every member feel comfortable when sharing their ideas and projects.
  • Remember: don’t write something that you wouldn’t like to read about yourself.
  • Safety first! Always remember that, while we strive to make this a safe environment for everyone, this is the internet and you must be careful with the kind of private information that you share publicly.
  • Any racist or demeaning comments, as well as cursing and inappropriate content will be deleted by the administrators.
  • Any content that violates these simple rules may be edited or deleted.
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