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Return of The Pretender TV Show: Ways it could possibly be done ?

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    Some final thoughts on this forum topic….
    In order to find a logical way to get back the show with the original cast I had to approach this strictly from a writers perspective. To explain better: The original shows plot, if it had run its course earlier on (5 or more seasons?) to it’s conclusion based on the plots basic conflict and structure you would find that the resolution of the conflict would require Jarod’s triumph over the Centre and re-uniting with his family.
    Now, with the time gap and circumstance change we have to assume from the present point (2014) looking back that this had indeed already run it’s course, especially to make a resurgence of the show believable. With that accomplished we also have a re-manifestation of the original conflict from the original series. The Centre had been mentioned being central to this basic conflict, but from what we all know and can agree on is that the things going on in the centre are the things you only hear about but never really see, and as such makes it the goal for plot resolution to the story. But As far as the main characters go, we really know them and sympathize with them and find that despite their basic conflicts, they are how we ultimately define what we think of as the Centre. And that is what make them and the centre interesting (As well as Jarod!) And knowing Jarod, if he ever could succeed I believe he would most likely make it a place where “those scary things” aren’t happening any more behind the scenes and make it a place more like here at the TPL 🙂


    However they choose to bring this back into mainstream media, I would just like to have a few questions answered. One, what did those scrolls say? What is Miss P’s real name? And does she and Jared ever get together?

Viewing 2 posts - 31 through 32 (of 32 total)

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