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Project Artemis

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    You know those stories where a detective has been working on a particular case for long enough that it has become an obsession and their whole life is focused on catching their target?
    And they have a room dedicated to the case – walls covered in newspaper clippings, case files, photographs, encircling the centerpiece map covered in a Spirograph of pushpins and string – documenting every single sighting, incident, crime scene and clue.
    All in the hopes of trying to triangulate a pattern, links and connections in order to get one step ahead in the game and calculate their target’s next move and move in for the kill?
    Enter The Nexus Room, enter Project Artemis.
    The Centre has been tracking Jarod since his escape, so it’s logical they have a dedicated project in place to help achieve their goal of recapturing their Pretender.
    Artemis should be this interactive digital tracking system, mapping out every location Jarod has visited, who he has interacted with, what he now knows or has discovered, what his Pretend was.
    This is not meant to be an episode recap… more the data & intelligence The Centre has actually gathered on Jarod.
    Platform-wise, I imagine it to be something like Google Maps in that you can zoom in to explore, there are places to click on which will pop out information boxes with images, but customised to be more in the style of tP.
    I’ll get a couple of concept images up to illustrate the general idea.


    Concept A
    Concept B
    Concept C
    Concept D


    This is a fantastic idea Jen, totally love it! I actually have the perfect thing that would work with this idea beautifully.
    Not real sure how things stand with all the screencaps and the legal issues, but the pretendercentre could host this for you if you wanted, and it would work exactly like google maps :).
    give me a poke if you want to talk about this more and I can show you what I have in mind and see if it is what you were thinking. If you want to go with it, would be yours to run and admin.


    I also love this idea! Great thinking! It would be really fun to explore all of Jarod’s whereabouts in one place and interactively, of course.
    And if Jacci’s helping, you’re in good hands 🙂


    Thanks guys!
    I’d love any help regarding platform and tools.
    I’ll take a look at any options you can offer. Let me know when you’ve got time.


    @jenjen, we are all set up with a platform and software and ready to go, I will give you a poke on fb and go from there. 🙂


    This is so cool! It will be awesome to track all of Jarod’s travels throughout the tP mythology!


    This is a really nice idea! I’d love to participate in it, maybe I could help ?
    If you need me, just let me know ?


    Thanks MissRoxy! Actually I might take you up on that!
    Let me get something up and running and I’ll send you a message.


    Hell of an idea! Love the idea of a dedicated War Room within the Centre for tracking Jarod. I’m surprised the idea hasn’t come up before, really. It makes a lot of logical sense the Miss P and her team would want a dedicated area to keep track of all Jarod’s various Pretends. Especially Miss P, with her obsessive and controlling nature. She’d want all info where she’d be able to get it at a moment’s notice.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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