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Mission Rebirth

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    Right after the first big announcement, a Pretender Army was gathered among fellow Centre Operative with the main goal to get Rebirth, the first Pretender novel, to be a hit on Amazon.
    Along the way, the amazing beny_boi contributed with his talented video skills and made a campaign video to help the cause

    available at

    The results? On October 7th, the day of its official release, Rebirth hit #569 on bestseller’s list. Better yet, it ranked #1 on on latest releases and #2 on English books (#1 if you don’t count the grammar book that was ranking first)! It also reached #65 in Italy and #14 in Germany.
    It was a great day for Pretender fans across the globe. Mission accomplished!


    It’s been 14 years….

    If the Pretender were to come back present day, what would it be like? What happened during those years? Were there more of these ‘Next Generation’ Pretenders? Was the Centre taken down or just ‘Re-organized?’


    ……Thee above is Something to think about that raises interesting possibilities about the potential for the original series’ past, present and future!
    Definitely something to look forward to as far as the pretender possibly coming around full circle. If and when that happens it too would be a unique rebirth in itself!


    The tP REBIRTH novels are important ‘MISSING PIECES’ of the puzzle to help cover the time gap between the shows premature end and today. Without it, NEXT GENERATION Pretenders would not be able to say it has truly come around full circle!


    tP SAVING LUKE..2’s Company?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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