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    Hey all!
    It’s good to see many friendly faces in here 🙂
    I thought I’d give a warm welcome to all the new members and create a place where we could introduce ourselves and make each other comfortable.
    I’ll start.
    My name is Vania and I’m from Portugal. I just turned 30 and the Pretender has been a big part of my life ever since my teen years.
    I’m looking forward to meeting you all to keep making this great community even greater.
    Now it’s your turn. Please don’t be shy.


    Hello everyone,
    My name is Christian and I’m from Australia. I’ll be turning 31 this month and I’ve been a huge fan of The Pretender series since my mid-teens. Watching the TV show was a family affair. As we watched the show, we came away with many questions, even more than most because we only discovered The Pretender part way through Season 2. Naturally, since then, I’ve seen all of the seasons many times over. I continue to ask Steve and Craig questions about the nature of the rebirth but they’re excellent at keeping secrets. I’m excited to see where we go from here. Answers lie just around the corner!


    Hi, I am Jacci, and been a pretender fan since … forever. From Sydney, Australia and have run the Pretendercentre and Missing Pieces (for all your Pretender Fanfiction needs 🙂 )
    Am incredibly excited that the Pretender is returned and that Craig and Steve have been so fantastic and this is a great opportunity for us to reconnect once again and participate in something we all love and are passionate about.


    My name is Ben and I’m from Melbourne, Australia. I’ve been a fan of The Pretender since it originally aired on TV. I’ve been around the pretender online community for a while now where I started on Pretendecentre and met Jacci and other friends. I’ve also expressed my love of the pretender through fan made music videos and montages many of which are on Pretendercentre and Youtube.
    I’m incredibly thrilled that The Pretender has returned and have thoroughly enjoyed ‘Rebirth’ and ‘Saving Luke’. Can’t wait to see where it goes next…


    Hi guys! I’m Jen (29) from Australia.
    I’ve been a fan of The Pretender since it aired in Australia in the 90s.
    I had always held out hope that the story would be continued & held out more hope when the creators announced a few years back that they still had plans in the works. And here we are!
    It’s great that all the fans have a central place they can connect, share, grow and create.
    Steve & Craig have been incredibly communicative with the community (answering questions personally and inviting fan creativity & participation). The fact they are willing to foster the talents and ideas of the fans is amazing.
    I look forward to seeing what our community accomplishes. As we are only at the beginning, I can’t wait to see where it leads and what it grows into.


    Hi everybody!
    I’m Mariangela, Mari for my friends, i’m 38 years old and i’m Italian.
    I’m a great fan of The Pretender since the first aired here in Italy in 1998 and you must know that here aired in a very stange hour, during the dinner time and it was love at the first sight, because it was something really different, a great story with fascinating characters and amazing actors! It was a great surprise, a shock for me that the show was cancelled in that way and i will always have a kind of sense of frustration about that. By the way i’m really happy that the creators never forget their creature.
    I really enjoyed “Rebirth” and “Saving Luke” and now i’m waiting for what next, thanks Steve and Craig.
    It’s wonderful to see so many passionate fans around the world!


    Hi there,
    my name is Pepto-Bismol San and I am a reallife Pretender from Germany. Because I already lived and worked in many places and professions and sometimes I am askin myself, who I really am. So I have been a fan of Jarod the Pretender from the start on and said to myself “Oh, look there is someone like me!” However Jarod and I had still a love/hate relationship because I never liked the self-rightous way Jarod punished the bad guys. But still I am kinda obsessed with all the characters of The Pretender and love to read fanfictions about them.
    yours sincerly Peppi!


    Hi all,
    My name is Nik. Originally from Aus but I travel almost constantly. Perhaps that’s why I like Jarod so much.
    Saw the series when it aired originally and then lost contact with it for over a decade but I’ve really enjoyed getting into it again. Here’s hoping it has a tv/film revival one day.
    I’ll try to contribute to the community however I can.


    Hi everybody. I’m glad to see many familiar Pen Names here 🙂 It’s great to be among so many die hard fans of the show as well as the shows creators!! Writing has been my hobby and stories have been the universe where I conduct my ‘Pretends.’ When I first watched ‘The Pretender’ five years ago, there was an immediate connection that has lasted to this day:)
    I first found out about tP’s return when REBIRTH came out and soon there after I joined Jacci and her crew at the tPc. (Then with Steve and Craig at TPL.) Getting back into tP with REBIRTH and fan fiction has helped me to re-ignite my passion for writing again, especially for tP FF writing!!


    Hey Guys,
    I’m Anja, 30, from Berlin/Germany.
    I loved tP when it aired here in the 90s and kept rewatching it ever since. Admittedly, it is not my first and strongest passion in TVLand but it is definitely one that is close to the heart (Maybe it’s number 2 :), chronologically it definitely is). I am delighted that it is not dead and am happy to be a part of the community. I had a lot of fun during the RedFile Project and treasure that experience.
    Although I have to admit that at times I also find Jarod’s self-righteousness disturbing and his constant talking in headlines annoying (WORD:Statement).
    I can identify with both, Parker and Jarod, on certain levels, which is probably why the show stayed with me.
    Much love,


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Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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