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SL-15 Centre Universe Chat

Welcome to SL-15 - what happens in SL-15 - what's said in SL-15 stays in SL-15


The following chat is intended for the fans of The Pretender, all are welcomed.  But in the world we live in you never who might show up – so please know nothing said here reflects the views of the creators, etc, etc.


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Reddit AMA April 26, 2014

Reddit AMA April 26, 2014

April 26, 2014, 11am PST newt0nlol LMAO 99 percent of peope asking the questions are brand new fake users lol wierd marie-l-yesthatone So, between you, me and the internet, what really took so long to bring tP back? Craig_Van_Sickle Mostly legal stuff. Fortunately the...

Chat with Mr Broots

Chat with Mr Broots

January 18, 2014, 2pm PST SL-15 Chat Room: Chat with SLM, CVS, Jon Gries, Derek Walker and the fans SL-15 Chat, January 18, 2014 Special guest stars: Craig W Van Sickle, Steven Long Mitchell, Jon Gries & Derek Walker The Big Announcemnts:...

The chat will be available again whenever there’s a special live chat at
Feel free to use our user forums in the meantime.

Enjoy yourselves. Please be respectful. If not one of the sweepers will tap you on the shoulder, boot you out or in the worst case scenario – we may be forced to send a man with an oxygen tank to haunt your dreams.

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