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Dec 18, 20140 comments


The Tower is giving all the Centre Annex employees 2 extra days this season, the 26th of December and the 2nd of January. Enjoy your free days!

Please note the tunnels between the South Tower and the main building of the Centre and the Sub Levels will be closed for maintenance until January 4th. We know that rumors of an escape attempt are swirling, however we assure all that each and every asset has been accounted for and is safely in their space.

Additionally, the snack carts, cafeterias, and executive dining room will be on special holiday hours. Please check the daily posted signs by the main entrance for the special holiday menu prepared by Chef Dani and the schedule of openings and closings.

Lastly, congratulations to those that solved the code in last month’s newsletter, reading “Happy Thanksgiving from the Tower, Triumvirate, and PTBs.”


To celebrate the 12 days ‘til Christmas day, our favorite IT Specialist, the-one-and-only Mr. Broots, started his own Holiday Greeting Cards, in true Centre fashion.

We welcome everyone to check out and share each e-card. Please feel free to send these greetings to all your loved ones this holiday season!
The whole collection is


Apologies for the lack of Maker’s Mark at yesterday’s event. Unfortunately, all the supply was hijacked at the Maryland/Delaware border. All that was left was some Pez candy and a box full of fruitcake.

Miss Parker is looking into the clues to establish the perpetrator and retrieve the merchandise. She is offering a very hefty reward for anyone with information- a drink of your choice on her!


Remember Syd’s Secret Santa? If you participated, it’s almost the moment of revelation! Now, now, don’t be tempted to open your gifts prior to Christmas day. We know there have been some very curious elves making attempts to break the rules and take an early peek inside their packages.

In fact, the penalty for opening gifts ahead of time is 5 extra hours of tutoring Dara with Sydney, so he will finally get some company on those long hours with the gifted psychic. If you think we aren’t watching, remember this mantra- we see you when you’re sleeping, we know when you’re awake, we know if you’ve been bad or good, so be good for goodness sake! Happy Holidays from all of us here at the Centre!


As we still recover from our crazy Christmas party, we would like to thank everyone for their presents and presence (see what we did there?).

The highlight of the night, for those who were on assignment and unable to take part in the joyous occasion, was the eggnog. In fact, there was someone who truly revealed himself and couldn’t get enough of the stuff… Our dear colleague, Willie, was caught dancing on tables and his co-workers had to put a stop to his dance moves and drag him out, just in time to stop Mr. Raines from joining him.

We are pleased to announce no Sweepers were harmed in the clearing of the scene. We will neither confirm nor deny that the maintenance unit has created a life size countdown in SL-1 for next year’s party.




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saving luke

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