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There are Pretenders among us… fans with the ability to become part of a really cool surprise. A few weeks back, Pretender Creators Steven Long Mitchell and Craig W. Van Sickle met up with superfan Kris and gave her the shock of a lifetime. Here’s a sneak peek at what happened. Remember, the Centre has eyes everywhere…you never know who could be lurking around the corner in your area. #thepretenderlives



SLM: We’re about to go surprise a super fan in a way that we’ve never surprised a super fan before.

CVS: She was a huge help at ComiCon and she has no idea what’s going to happen this morning. So I can’t wait.

Lettering: Meet superfan Kris

VF: What’s your name?

Kris: My name is Kris Russel and I’m from Belgium.

Lettering: Kris thinks she’s here to pick up a copy of a Pretender video autographed by Steve and Craig

VF: Open this. Kris: Yay!

VF: So, what do you think of… what did they write?

Lettering: They didn’t write anything

Kris: Uh… nothing?

VF: Nothing?

SLM: You wanted us to sign it?

Kris: Oh guys!

SLM: If we knew you wanted us to sign it, we wouldn’t have come!

CVS: Can we sit?

VF: Kris, this is Steve Mitchell. Kris, this is Craig Van Sickle.

KR: Just…wow.

SLM: You were such a super fan for us, for everything you did at Comic Con that it just kind of blew our minds. And we wanted to say hello and come and surprise you.

Kris: Thank you. This is an awesome surprise.

Lettering: A full interview followed! We will be releasing that and more coming soon…

CVS: So you never know when Mitchell and Van Sickle might pop up in your area.

SLM: Yeah, we’re looking for a super fan and you might be the next one.

CVS: So keep looking over your shoulder.

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