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Face Lift? It wasn’t a Face Lift?

It was just a little Nip Tuck. is up and running again.

Check out the ‘work’ and let us know what you think…

Jul 11: Patterns First Draft

PatternsFirst draft of Patterns due

Jul 20: Live Chat Steven Long Mitchell


I’m meeting all the Pretender fans to talk about the books, the show, and all your burning questions.


Please send in your questions to


See you there!



Jul 10: Conference Call re Chat

Conference call to lock date for twitter party/chat re: Saving Luke

Jul 8: Haywire TV meeting

Meeting – re: Haywire TV

Jul 8: TNT re Pretender Pilot

Agent Call re –TNT pilotThe Pretender feature et al

Jul 9: Secret Project

Secret Project conference call to set sales strategy

Jul 8: The Pretender Trademark

Call with lawyers re the Pretender trademark and branding

Jul 7: Final Draft ‘Mary’

Complete final draft “Mary”

Jul 4: Holiday

4th of July weekend!

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