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Pamely Gidley

The day Pamela Gidley came in to read for the part of Brigitte she gave what is perhaps the worst performance in the history of auditions.

She was sexy, quirky, odd and I don’t think she performed even one line the way we’d written it.

But we were totally captivated.

And I completely fell in love.

So we decided to change the character and fit it to who she was.

She was wonderful and loving and a joy to be around.

The Pretender would not have been the same without her.

She is missed – but will never be forgotten.

She still captivates me.

Major Overhaul

We have just completed some major maintenance work on the Centre’s mainframe. If anybody has any trouble, primarily with logging in, we apologise for any inconvenience and you are more than welcome to take this up with Mr Raines. Otherwise, try a password reset, and hopefully that will get things sorted out.

If you notice any other issues, you can report them by commenting on this post below. This was some significant work and so a few glitches might still remain.


Renaissance, the first Pretender book in French is here!


The wait is over, the moment is here…
Le Caméléon: Renaissance is finally available!

Renaissance, the first Pretender adventure, is finally available for kindles and in paperback at in French.

Renaissance is a mysterious triller that tells the story about a brilliant human cameleon that enjoys freedom, after escaping the Centre, a nefarious company that abused his gift.

“Life is a gift.” When we wrote these words for Jarod, and when we first heard Michael saying them, never in a million years could we have imagined it to have so much meaning, especially in the times we live in.

Thank you to all, especially those who helped to make this book a reality: Nathalie, Rym, Vicky, Alan, Delphine, Laurette, Erica. Book | Kindle | Smashwords

We are revisiting our secret vault and sharing it all with you.

Starting this week, we will be sharing with all new and old fans of the Pretender, our fondest memories of each TV episode (for those who are just arriving, the Pretender ran on NBC and later on TNT, from 1996 to 2001 and we had the time of our lives) and we will begin from the beginning – the Pilot.

There is going to be a few trips down memory lane as we explore the episodes in our own way and an even bigger trip as we share unseen behind the scenes photos and memorabilia with Pretender fans. The pictures on the Vault will be available to registered users only, so register today and don’t miss anything!

The Pretender vault and the Episode Guides will both be updated each week.  We promise!



Do you dare open the Pretender vault?

Media Wars – Play and Win!


Who’s team will you be playing for? Good or evil? Jarod or the Centre? 

Pick your side, follow Jarod or characters from the Centre, and voice your opinions on each article based on each team you’re playing for. If you are a Pretender fan and you end any scenario in the top 5, you can win a Pretender t-shirt!

To start playing, just go to and register for a free account. You can pick whatever nickname you’d like, no need to be associated with the Pretender.

To join one of the teams, you need to follow the characters of the side you’ll be playing for (the Centre or Jarod) and pay attention to their comments, messages and Buzzes. This will give you insider knowledge that will help you get ahead in the game – Team Jarod will tip you off on the “good” agenda, while Team Centre will tip you off on the “bad” agenda.


The Teams and Who to Follow

The Centre ( players, aka “the bad guys” need to be the leaders on each argument. Follow each player and send them private messages, so they can fill you in. Don’t forget, any info from these players is “For Centre Use Only!”





Jarod needs to be leading the arguments on each scenarios. Will you follow him and message him for more insights?




More info about Media Wars here


Pretender T-Shirt Contest Rules:

1. Only one t-shirt per player will be awarded through playing on

2. The t-shirts are limited in both layouts and size (sorry, no returns or exchanges are available).

3. To win the prize, your character needs to be following at least 2 characters from the team you are playing for (either the Centre, like “MsParker”, “MrLyle,” or “MrParker,” or Jarod’s team).

4. This game starts on March 10 and ends on March 26 2015.

5. The winner(s) have to end any active scenario in the top 5.

6. Once the game finishes, if you are in the top 5, send an email to with the subject “Media Wars T-shirt Contest,” and provide your details (name+address+size+character name on media wars) with a print screen of your follow list.

7. Comment, vote, post buzzes, and most importantly – have fun!




Update: No winners this time. The top 5 didn’t fulfill all the requirements. Stay tuned for our next contest!

The Ice Cube



The frosty Ice Cube, the Centre’s server archive that contains all information regarding major projects, places, and people connected to all our operations is now live at!

This ever-growing archive, containing information about the stories portrayed in the Pretender novels, is made possible through the participation of fans all around the world! Comment on each entry, send an email to, or start a topic in the forums to add your ideas and entries to the Ice Cube.  The Centre is counting on you to help make the Ice Cube the most complete archive of Pretender novels information out there!

Sydney’s Secret Santa


Come one, come all to participate in the Centre’s annual gift giving season. Sydney, the resident psychiatrist, believes it promotes good cheer and moral to give the gift of joy. That’s why, many, many years ago he started ‘Sydney’s Secret Santa’ tradition, which carries on today. For more information if you would like to become involved, head on over and register at the ‘Sydney’s Secret Santa Group’, or contact Onisius at

Le Caméléon Vit

The Pretender (Le Caméléon) fans are the greatest fans in the world and the greatest fans among them have always been the French.


We are humbled and honored to have been so embraced by our French friends that we have built a website in their language as a community gathering place for all things Pretender ( – past, present and future.

Please enjoy, contribute to and accept this gift as a very small thank you for all of your love and support for Le Caméléon.

There is also a new french group at where all the french speaking fans can meet and discuss.

There is much more to come.

Steven Long Mitchell & Craig W Van Sickle

Maintenance Downtime

out-of-order Due to routine upgrades from the tech department, there will be some downtime on the Centre Mainframe at at 11pm PST. SIS has reported no breech in security and Mr Broots is working hard to run the maintenance sweep as efficiently as possible.

Friendship Stories


Our fans are the greatest. We’ve been receiving submissions to be featured on our “A Thousand Friendships” section and we love them!

We have updated the webpage with stories from Miss Parker (the one and only!), Vania, Mallory and Pedro. We invite you all to go check them out and send in your own Pretender friendship stories. We are amazed with the amount of worldwide friendships that the Pretender has made possible throughout the years and we thank you for sharing that gift with us.

To read the stories, click here.

To submit your story, register and submit here.

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