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Apr 15, 20151 comment


May 10th, you will be able to prove your sprinting skills with a 5K fun run around the Centre’s campus, sponsored by the Sweeper Extracurricular Association and the Centre’s Jogging Team.
Be sure to have appropriate running gear – walking shoes will damage your knees and feet and can ultimately ruin the whole experience for you, and we want you to have fun! Supervisors will be granting 2 hours administrative leave for participants.
The entry fee is $10 and you will get a free t-shirt and water bottle after the race! The jogging team also has running gear available for purchase in SL-9. Sign up today, by emailing, and specify whether you are a novice or advanced runner.
Our Executive Chef and staff will be providing fresh fruit and water stations along the route, but be sure to stay hydrated! We don’t want and fainting or collisions in the course!


Grab your shovels and let’s start working!
Starting this month, for all garden and farming enthusiasts, we will be opening small plots on our northern grounds. If you want to enroll in the program, please talk to the MO and fill out the enclosed form.
Our soil and temperature is perfect for strawberries, tomatoes and lettuce, perfect for our chef to use on his amazing dishes. Please- no flesh eating botanicals… we have plenty in our labs and they are quite a handful!


Last year, Amalia Gazp received the highly desired Catherine Parker Award for Service to the Centre. May will bring about our annual Awards Ceremony, so please send nominations to by May 1 for this year’s winner. We promise the prizes will be a scream!


For security reasons, the Blue Cove City Council requests our compliance in the annual fire drill and emergency preparedness seminar to ensure all employees are aware how to proceed in case of fire or an emergency.

The Centre prides itself on being fire-free since 1987, when a huge blaze consumed an entire sub-level, but being safe is always our priority. Because of that, attendance is mandatory.  We will have members of the Centre’s Volunteer Fire Brigade on hand before and after the training to answer any questions.  Miss Emily, the ASSMO, has been recently elected Chief of the squad and can be reached if there is interest in volunteering.

To complete your fire and emergency training requirement, the course will occur at 9am, next Friday, April 17th. Bring comfortable shoes and light clothes as you will be moving a lot. Proceed as usual until the alarm sounds, then follow your supervisor’s instructions.  All employees with any sort of portable oxygen system must take a prerequisite course in bodily safety.  Keep an eye out in your email for scheduling next week.



All employees are invited for Miss Jacci’s Birthday Party on the 29th. No special attire is necessary, but some discretion is advisable (wearing only a Speedo- leopard print or not- will result in dismissal from the party after what happened last year) and Ms. Kylie is requesting no crop tops either. We are, after all, a family oriented company, and we would like to avoid having the entire lower division in the day care attempt to cut up their clothes in imitation.
We understand other co-workers are celebrating their birthdays this month as well. Please speak to the Christina in the HR department to book your party or to join this one. Finally, the board appreciates that all noise is kept to a minimum as not to disturb the residents. Thanks!




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