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A thousand friendships

Stories from the fans

Joel’s story

Joel’s story

I regretted that we hadn’t been given an end, so I sought these stories, I read them and in the course of it I met some people. I was very disappointed back in the early 00's when The Pretender went of the air. Then, thanks to the Internet, I discovered that there...

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“Miss Parker’s” story

I have met many fans online and some of them have become very dear to me, because we spent many hours chatting over the years through the various Pretender forums and continued that connection

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Three Centre Employees Meet in New York City

Mallory and Vania had been chatting for months online, thanks to the Red File Project, but we only met live in October, during Vania’s honeymoon with Pedro (yes, Pedro, the Sweeper), who had just gotten married in the 19th. Finally meeting each other face to face was...

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Once Upon A Time…

A few months ago, Steve & Craig decided to come back with Rebirth, making thousands of the Pretender fans happy. One part of their comeback was to go ‘all social media’. That’s how thanks to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and some weird coincidences, Erica, Margaux...

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The Books



Saving Luke

saving luke

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