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Luke’s kidnappers are hiding the boy away in a farmhouse in New Jersey, near Point View Reservoir.

Will Jarod ever get to Luke in before O’Quinn?


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October 82014

A multi-story modern glass and steel structure, the EMTREX complex was built in a way to allow in the maximum amount of light. But with light came shadows, and the ones on the 13th floor hid the truth of what happened within its walls.

Security was nearly impenetrable. No one got on or off the elevator, past the armed guards there, unless they had the high security clearances expected of a trained operative, such as O’Quinn and Dog.

Will Jarod get to to them…in time?


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El Paso Adobe Cabin
April 202014

Location in Texas where O’Quinn, Dog, and Dick Face took Kaj Rahamzada for interrogation.

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