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Return of The Pretender TV Show: Ways it could possibly be done ?

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    Considering the time lag since the show ended and today, what would be the best way to bring back The Pretender after such a time period? A show that, clearly based on the majority of fans, would require a return of the original cast?
    My initial contribution: The story would have to be present day? The theme would be based on the characters current abilities but under different circumstances? The plot would reflect a basic conflict that is not only relevant to a current crisis, but its resolution requires revealing a “missing piece” in the shows original plot?



    I’m not sure how to reconcile the pre-9/11 world of the TV series and the post-9/11 world of the books. The latter is definitely darker and more adult in tone but Jarod’s behaviour is also a little more realistic. I don’t know how the rebirth is being played out but here are my thoughts.
    The Pretender TV series didn’t find a conclusion all of those years ago. From what we know, it looks like the novels provided few answers (that said, I haven’t read much of Saving Luke, yet) but were essential in helping to bring everything and everyone up to speed. Instead of new fans having to watch 80+ episodes, they could get the gist of the series by reading one story spread across two novels. For the old fans there are the upcoming Centre graphic novels, YA Miss Parker novels and a Pretender spin-off. It also looks like Steve and Craig have been conducting meetings with people in TV land. So, it’s possible that there may be no more Pretender novels – ala Rebirth and Saving Luke, but that The Pretender will continue in a series of TV movies and or cable-type series.
    I believe it’s essential that Steve and Craig provide answers to our questions and I have faith that they’ll deliver those answers in time. All we need is to be patient. After all, patience is a virtue, or something. 🙂



    If it’s everyone being worried about how to reconcile the time gap, especially with the post 9/11 events, wouldn’t it work to use 9/11 as a sort of spring board to restart things? It would still be relevant to the fans, even though it has been a while since it happened. They did something similar with the recently released redo of the Jack Ryan movies, Jack Ryan, Shadow Recruit. Why couldn’t something similar be applied in the case of the Pretender?
    In the new Jack Ryan movie, an opening scene is presented of the attack, but is witnessed from a remote location. Jack decides to join the Army to help out with the efforts. He gets shot down and then ends up having to go through physical therapy and all that to get back on his feet.
    What if Jared was able to somehow witness the fall of the Twin Towers, but from a location where he couldn’t do anything about it. He might have been investigating something related but had been put on a false lead. If it hadn’t been so, he would have been in the Towers and killed. Determined to track down those responsible, he goes off the grid for a while, only to surface a bit later.
    I don’t know if this is the direction that the producers want to go, but you have to admit that it does have potential.
    And if they don’t mind going on a more interesting bent, I have toyed with the idea that as part of this scenerio, Jared learns of a Mafia like organization that is receiving a “weapon” from the Centre. He infiltrates the group as a member and gains their trust. When the “weapon” is delivered, he learns it’s actually a girl who has abilities similar to Miss Parker. Only instead of “hearing the voices” like Miss P and Ethan (if I remember correctly), she is able to read other people’s thoughts and let them hear hers, like a telepath, only on a different level. Given the genetics, it’s possibly. Especially if, later, Jared learns that not only is this human “weapon” the genetic offspring of Miss P, but of himself. A genetic experiment courtesy of The Centre.
    I think that would be an interesting why to go about things, especially if it somehow goes further to where they end up “saving” her from her situation and them have to save the U.S. President from the people who were responsible for 9/11, and somehow bring everyone (still living) back together, like Jared’s parents.
    Either way, I really want to know what’s up with those scrolls at the end of the last movie they produced. That could be interesting.



    That’s an interesting idea. I suppose it largely depends on how far into real time events the Pretender universe should delve. So far, there has been no major ties to our world, so tP could be an alternate reality for all we know.
    If, say, it is an alternate reality, I say include real time events, however let them play out with different outcomes to our history books.
    My husband thinks it should be revamped like Hannibal has been. Keep the base premise of the storyline but come from a completely new direction. So therefore we know how the story goes, yet it has changed enough that we can’t really see what’s coming next in terms of plots and developments.
    In terms of if the TV series were to be rebooted in the way Hannibal was, I think a good first episode would be a day in the office at The Centre, but from the viewpoint of the public. How are they perceived by the public, what do they actually do? How do they contribute to the community? And then there is this pest, this hacker, this menace to society, Jarod, who seems to only cause trouble for this community-minded company. And then the end of the episode would reveal a hint that this Centre is not all it seems to be on the surface.


    Based on the responses so far it is agreed that the 10 year time lag would require the show
    to have in it’s plot, a link with actual or similar events to help give the audience the sense of the passage of real time between then and now.
    To use the original cast at their ages today, I think it would be best to create a story line that
    would start off in present time.
    So based on this criteria, I have come up with something specific:
    “In 2001, just after 9-11 and the government crackdown that led to the fall of corrupt organizations,
    a think tank within the division of Homeland Security was created called “S.I.M.,” Strategic Intelligence Mobilization. With it’s primary purpose to provide tactical simulation to government
    and military, organizations such as “The Centre” were successfully dismantled in the United States.
    Headed by Jarod, with the help of Sydney, Broots and Miss Parker, they now team together to help others who are on the run from places like “The Centre.” This is their story.”
    It takes place present day, 2014. While the story line plays out in the present, we find out through
    flashbacks what had happened over the last ten years. For Example, we find out Mr. Lyle still heads a
    few remaining rogue branches of “The Centre” left around the world (Such as South Africa? Etc..)
    How they are living their lives in the present will explain a lot about how those years turned out
    such as Jarod already being with his family, or Miss Parker?
    This is one specific story and plot that could best represent a comeback of The Pretender?



    TaliaLee, I think 9/11 may be a good spring-board but honestly, I don’t think it would be wise for it to be a focal point of the series. That wouldn’t be sensitive to those involved in such a tragedy. I’m not sure about your idea, either. I was fine with some of your thoughts, up until you talked about Jarod saving the president. I’m sorry, 24 is a great series but The Pretender is a very different beast. Besides that would be old hat. I’m not sure what direction should be taken. What I do know is that I want to receive answers to the old mysteries, yes, and discover the nature and purpose of the ancient scrolls.
    JenJen, now, that might work but I still don’t think we should run too far away from the concept and story that gave The Pretender its own identity. As a first episode though, it’s a great idea.
    SimTec, yours is a good idea but I just can’t help thinking it would be better to just finish the story they do have and then for them to work from there.
    I just want ANSWERS!


    Idealistically, it would have been great if The Pretender could have come full circle in it’s fifth season, but since it didn’t, it also wouldn’t realistic to attempt a straight conclusion avoiding the
    time and circumstance change. It wouldn’t be believable except maybe to publish some Pretender books
    focusing specifically just after the fourth season?
    Speaking specifically from a TV and Original cast perspective, what would be a believable and acceptable way to bring back The Pretender assuming you had no other option? What would a believable story and plot have to be like?
    Which medium would be an ideal comeback? If none are ideal, which would be the lesser of the two
    If what is believable is harder to come by, maybe a good way to first approach this would be
    to run down a list of “Cons” on the subject on what is not believable about a comeback with this
    kind of time gap? (Especially for the sake of salvaging this forum topic.)


    Wow I love all of these idea – and so you know this is something we are actively thinking about so all your ideas are welcomed and we will keep you up to date with our progress.



    Tintin, you have a good point there. It is rather 24, isn’t it? But what if we change it so Jared saving this girl, who is genetically his and Miss P’s daughter, and ends up adopting her? Skip the president thing. She joins the team to destroy the Centre.


    Steve, hopefully what we do here will help stir up enough thoughts and ideas on this topic to help make a positive contribution in what is ultimately done. All ideas I present here and other related sites, I give freely 🙂
    TinTin, you have a good sense on what will not work with regards to a return Pretender
    story line. I will try and develop my story idea in detail and would like to get your review.
    Maybe running a few SIM’s of our own will help look further into the possibilities on this topic.
    Talia Lee/JenJen, to help look further into this topic I will try and develop some of my story concepts in detail. Based on your ideas so far, you seem to have enough to go on to develop as well. We could
    probably critique each other. I will work on “SIM” at the pretender centre.


    The OPEN SOURCE pilot for S.I.M. has been added to
    as of 7-29-14



    I am sorry for what I am saying now but I think: That there is no other way than a complete remake of the show with new actors if its supossed to be seen on TV. That’s ok, just shed your tears. I do so as well, some for Patrick Bauchau, some for Jon Gries and many more for Andrea Parker. And then call it Cameleon and not The Pretender and Skip the moral lessons.
    And in the Pilot we see…What do we see? Rebirth or a complete different Story based on our favourite characters. What do you think?



    Hello all,
    So I’ve read through both the thread and Sim-Tec’s proposal on Missing Pieces. I’m still not sure where you are going with the “S.I.M.” S-T: Do you want a fleshed out story, or just to bounce ideas around about interesting ways tP could return? On television or in general?
    If we’re talking TV set in present day, then I think there are essentially three options:
    (1) Continuation of the series with the original actors, with flashbacks or backstory to show what happened in the intervening years;
    (2) Reboot with new actors, but with the same format of the original series and new Pretends-of-the-week;
    (3) Radical reboot with new actors, the same core concept of genius-raised-in-isolation-to-become-whatever-he/she-wants-to-be, but with a DIFFERENT format than Pretend-of-the-week.
    Obviously the books so far have effectively been #2, and some folks here have been advocating #1. For myself I would have preferred #1 for the books (for “the answers” and to wrap up poor Jarod’s life somehow) and #3 for any new television series. At some point maybe I’ll make a new post to throw around some ideas of what #3 might look like.
    But for now, let’s talk #1, options for continuing the same story in 2014. Before getting into plot specifics like the potential involvement of 9/11, we need to decide on the basic structure of the ‘verse. The central antagonist driving many of the characters’ action in the original show wasn’t MP or Raines or Mr. Parker, it was the Centre itself. Thirteen years later, here are some options:
    (1) The Centre still exists as its old evil self
    (a) MP is still chasing Jarod
    (b) The Centre is still chasing Jarod, but MP is either sitting it out or has switched teams
    (c) The Centre has given up on chasing Jarod to pursue other Pretender options
    (2) The Centre still exists but in some non-evil or ambiguous capacity
    (a) Jarod’s in charge
    (i) Runs the place well and turns it into a social responsible organization
    (ii) Ends up corrupted and turn evil genius
    (iii) Tries to be good but it turns out the world’s dilemma’s aren’t unambiguously solvable in 45-minute increments. AKA the “Wolfram & Hart” option
    (b) MP is in charge
    (i) MP gives up vacillating and goes full evil. Go back to (1)
    (ii) MP is secretly working with Jarod to bring down the Centre. Go to (3)
    (iii) MP runs a fundamentally different corporation … HER way
    (c) They’re both in charge
    (i) They get along
    (ii) They engage in power struggles to undermine each other
    (d) Lyle or Raines is in charge, and probably plotting a comeback. Go back to (1)
    (e) Gemini and/or Ethan is in charge
    (i) Turns out to be an evil/brainwashed Raines minion. Go back to (1)
    (ii) Turn out to be crazy. Go to (3)
    (iii) Turn out to be good. Go to (2a)
    (e) Someone else is in charge
    (i) Working with Jarod (and possibly MP) to bring down Centre. Go to (3)
    (ii) Just another version of the Triumvirate. Go to (1)
    (iii) Working for their own newly mysterious motives
    (3) The Centre is destroyed
    (a) Some other evil corporation/government agency steps in to fill the void. Go back to (1)
    (b) Lyle et al plot revenge in absence of large evil corporation
    (c) The Centre takes all of its enemies down with it. Sorry, Jarod.
    (d) Everyone lives happily ever after
    On top of all of that, there are issues related to the life happiness of our characters that need to worked out:
    *Did Jarod find his mother?
    *Does he end up with a relationship with his dad/sister/half-brother/clone-brother-son? If yes, what kind of relationship?
    *Did MP ever get custody or even find out what happened to baby brother?
    *Do Jarod and MP end up together, with other people, or still alone?
    *Do any other Pretender kids come out of the woodwork? Either through evil Centre machinations or the old-fashioned way? What happens to them or Angelo?
    *Do MP and Ethan really have some kind of psychic abilities, and if so, how does that work?
    *Does anybody ever go to jail for the laundry list of illegal actions in the original show? Including “Head of Inseminology” Jarod.
    Personally, for an original-actor TV show I’d go with 2-b-iii, with a nagging Jarod trying to turn it into 2-c, then a variation of 3-b, and it all eventually leading to 3-d.
    *edited to try to get the tabs to work correctly — sorry for the wall o’text. Could use a “preview” function.


    Pepto, I would have to agree that with Rebirth any TV return with new actors would also now be something much more likely to be a possibility (especially to help boost the pretenders popularity to a new generation in the same direction along with the books)…several here now have that same thought about that possibility. I think that could work as well, but for me it would be hard to imagine anyone else playing the part other than MTW, especially if the TV reboot uses an almost identical plot from the original series.
    Marie_L, thanks for your feedback. I have updated SIM at the tPc. I included a synopsis to start and
    will include the teaser shortly. It is my intention to flesh out the story based on the synopsis and
    take feedback as it progresses. Once completed, I’m hoping it will be just one of many (among other
    possible comeback tP stories written by FF writers, maybe even yourself) that Steve and Craig can
    look over (As well as their fans) to give them ideas that would help make a TV return the best
    possible chance of happening! I’m sure a few variations will be possible..but personally, I hope
    for a return specifically with the original cast. You have created an interesting map of
    possibilities here I think will be helpful to others as well during this discussion, good job.
    Also your personal selection about a possible comeback looks interesting and unique and I think
    it would be great if you worked on it in detail for review as well.



    I really enjoyed your plot map Marie and the option path you chose would have made an ideal ending. Either that or 3-c for those who prefer darker endings.
    Like everyone here I would have loved a conclusion to the original series but I fear Pepto-Bismol is right; too much time has passed now. (including however many more years it would take to actually make a revival)
    Marie_L – “(3) Radical reboot with new actors, the same core concept of genius-raised-in-isolation-to-become-whatever-he/she-wants-to-be, but with a DIFFERENT format than Pretend-of-the-week.”
    We should be lobbying Steve and Craig to create a brand new Pretender series with almost purely arc based writing. I think it would fly well in today’s market.

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